Thursday, November 10, 2011

It's a crazy world, especially this week.

Stories of child abuse at what was a formerly highly respected University.

An icon gets fired last night because he didn't have the guts to report this child abuse that he knew about in 2002.

The same school that claims it is trying to do the right thing by firing it's head coach, doesn't do a thing to the assistant coach that saw an alleged rape in a locker room shower stall and did not report it to authorities.

ESPN got Joe Paterno fired and ESPN will get the assistant coach fired. The school only cares about it's image, not the welfare of the victims in this terrible story.

The NCAA has punished football programs for far less than the rape of a child.
Penn State should not be allowed to play football for 15 years. That's the amount of time it took Penn State to do something about this crime.

I've been watching this story on TV far too much. So I did today what any normal person would do when they need a break from craziness.

I checked out the Chtyanthemum display at Longwood Gardens.

For more thoughts on the Penn State scandal, check this out.



SueAnn said...

This whole scandal is tragic. That nothing was done at all by the adults at the time is beyond sick!!
I agree with the 15 year penalty...I mean the kids who were abused have been handicapped for the rest of their lives!!
Sad...really sad!!

Vicky said...

And then Ashton Kutcher sent out a tweet, a little prematurely I think, that was in support of the coach! Ooops, his 8 million followers took issue with that and Ashton has turned his twitter feed over to his Media company to handle! Oh the scandal that keeps on giving... and yes, the sad truth is, it has little do with the victims!!

Switching gears- the flowers look gorgeous!

Cait Throop said...

Sometimes we have to take a deep breath...just for our own sanity!

Jerral Miles said...

It's hard for me to figure out what should be done to adults who abuse children (or even other adults), but sexual abuse of a child by an adult is a huge crime. I've been trying lately to avoid think in terms of vengeance when I hear of someone who commits a "big" crime; but in cases of the kind of abuse that apparently happened over many years in the Penn State athletic facilities by Penn State personnel, shunning and solitary isolation from society seems to me to be an appropriate statement and a way to remove the person from people who might be hurt. It's also difficult to find a way to respond to the people who committed the crime without punishing the people at the university who are as shocked and dismayed as we are.

dcpeg said...

Your chrysthan (oh hell, I can't spell it) pictures took my breath away. They were, indeed, a bright light during a very sorry, dark time for anyone watching the news. Thanks!

Marilyn said...

Nice chrysanthemums. Not so nice scandal, so sad.

Joey said...

I am HORRIFIED by this scandal. I don't even know who to be angry at. At first I felt the grad student was "collateral" damage but now I see he was employed there all along and I feel angry at him. All I know is - something BIG needs to be done to punish anyone and everyone who knew and said nothing to stop the abuse. Shame on them. I am DISGUSTED and outraged. (Sorry for venting!!!)