Monday, November 7, 2011

A walk in the park

White Clay Creek
is where we went for a walk yesteday.
A perfect Autumn day.


My article in gather News today:



Anonymous said...

I wonder how many trespassers have been prosecuted?

dcpeg said...

OMG! Your photos are gorgeous! New camera? Your capture of the water and reflections on the water were spot-on!

missing moments said...

Love that walk ... but that sign was so funny in the tree!

Karen said...

Love the pics! and the pup!!.. and that tree has devoured the sign. Now I'll check out your article...

Alison said...

Lovely photos, Mark.

SueAnn said...

The pics are fabulous! Thanks for sharing

Donna said...

Gorgeous pictures which capture a quintessential fall day!
Your article made me realize how quickly you can come to accept violence... St Louis has had armed police in the schools for several years. I thought this was the norm by now!

Debi@7Gates said...

Looks like you're putting that new camera to good use and taking some really pretty pictures for us. Know you and your love and man's best friend loved getting outdoors and enjoying the fall weather. Strange not seeing pictures from the boat.