Friday, December 9, 2011

Underway in the Gulf of Mexico

We had a nice
2 day long trip planned
as we were told to go to
Corpus Christ Texas from new Orleans.

The first day was beautiful
and we made great time.

But the 2nd day
the weather picked up a bit

and our 2 day trip
turned into a 4 day trip.

Now, we're in Corpus Christy
with plans to head to Lake Charles, Louisiana Sunday.

And one more thing
totally unrelated.
Lebron James, the NBA player
who took his talents to South Beach last year
has 2 million more followers on twitter
than the Associated Press does.

That seems odd to me.


Alison said...

Great photos, but I don't fancy being on a boat/ship/whatever on that lumpy sea!

SueAnn said...

That looked like a rough trip!! And Lebron James....what can I say!! I mean really?? Hero worship always mystified me!!
What else can I say......??

Formerly known as Frau said...

Love the pictures of the blue sea and sunshine....
Crazy world twitter.....wonder if LJ does his own tweeting ?? Have a great weekend!

Megan said...

Dave's aunt and uncle live in Lake Charles! Cool!

Betty Manousos@ Cut and Dry said...

those are terrific shots!

looks like a rough trip. it must be really hard being on a boat...

take care!

Anonymous said...

Well he can kiss my patookus because I am NOT going to follow him or the Associated Press.

Must go now.... getting a bit seasick.

Joey said...

Do you spend alot of time in wet clothes on a day like this? Just wondering...

Marilyn said...

I would say the wind really churned up that water. A little excitement on the boat, huh?