Monday, December 5, 2011

Canine's 10 Commandments

If you're a dog owner, you need to read these doggie 10 commandments.


SueAnn said...

Oh those made me cry!! Pets are so loyal and loving!! The thought that people abuse, ignore and leave them outside all the time....breaks my heart and pisses me off!
I don't have any last fabulous dog (a Great Dane) passed away and I am still grieving five years later!! Sniff!

Formerly known as Frau said...

Are you kidding me....too early in morning for tears!! Love it though..
My pup has separation anxiety brought on after her flight from US to Germany and back....she is my shadow now!.

missing moments said...

Love it!

Jerral Miles said...

Sometimes things come along which are just right at the time. Somebody I know will have his day lifted when he reads this... Thanks

Anonymous said...

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bon bon said...

oh, so sweet, and very well put. we rescued a 9-year-old pug this spring, and just last month he began to play with toys. he was never interested before. we think he may not have had any until now. we got all excited when he grabbed a stuffed animal for the first time! "LOOK AT MAX!" it was like the second coming! ha!!