Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fly like a bird

Tomorrow I fly home.


A puddle jumper will take me from Corpus Christi
to Houston
where I will run like O.J. through the airport
to catch my connecting flight
to the city of brotherly love.

I managed to get through 2 3/4 books this hitch
mainly because I'm trying this new tactic of
reading while sitting up
rather than prone.

Reading and prone
just doesn't work for me.

I watched the President's speech tonight.
It really is fun listening while monitoring Twitter.
I don't tweet while he speaks
just doesn't seem right.

Watching Gabby Gifford,
the congresswoman who was shot in the head
last year
enter the building.....
a little emotional I'd say.


I love sports.
I can watch almost anything on TV.
I once spent the good part of the evening
watching curling, for heaven sake.

But today
on one of the many ESPN channels
they were covering
the practice of the Senior Bowl.

The Senior Bowl
is a football game that NO ONE
cares about
and ESPN was covering the PRACTICE
of a game no one cares about.

Except for maybe the Mom's of the players.


Karen said...

LOL... I haven't caught the Senior Bowl antics..

And what books are on your night table?

SueAnn said...

I completely forgot about the senior bowl! Ha!!

beth said...

okay that photo. amazing !!

and now....

have you ever watched the "puppy bowl?"

i love gabbie and feel emotional every time i see her anywhere on anything.....

i can't read prone either. not one page.

i like your randomness today :)

lenworth scully said...

I forgot there was a senior bowl. Mark you're so awesome! I love reading your articles.

Formerly known as Frau said...

Safe Forest run!

dcpeg said...

Beautiful catch, Mark!

I know I don't have to remind you to enjoy your time at home. Who knows -- maybe you'll have a chance to shovel snow!

Jerral Miles said...

The bird photograph is incredible... beautiful... very alive.

Dan Kent said...

I love the photo - magnificent, and the placement of the gull in the frame.

Gabby Gifford - heartbreaking. It isn't right that a madman can destroy a person's goals and ambitions in one act. At least she survived.

Betty Manousos@ Cut and Dry said...

aww, that photo is really amazing!!

love it!