Wednesday, February 8, 2012

For you NBA fans, Paul Pierce just passed Larry Bird for total points scored by a Boston Celtic.

That's as crazy as saying Kobe Bryant just passed Shaq on the all time Laker scoring list.


Have you heard the phrase, there is no "I" in team?

Those Philadelphia 76ers are proving that this year, with a great record so far with a bunch of no-names on the team.


Rick Santorum just crushed the Republican field, sweeping 3 states last night.
That's like Chris Paul scoring a triple double.
It's impressive but it doesn't assure a Championship...or a Presidency.


With all this Republican hair pulling going on, John Boehner holds the position of understudy these days.
And that's ok.


I'm reading the book, "The Obama's".
I've learned the First Lady is no push over.
I like that.


I'll try to be more focused during my next post.


Jerral Miles said...

I like a blog post that's all over the place.

lenworth scully said...

You're so creative!