Friday, February 3, 2012

Rosie, our dog pictured above, seems like a chilled out layed back mongrel.
Actually, she's just biding her time
waiting for a family member to leave a sandwich close to the edge of the counter
at which time she will pounce with the speed of a cheetah devouring the previously mentioned sandwich.
That's just not right.
You may have heard the Super Bowl will be played this Sunday.
It's been 2 weeks since a NFL game has been played.
Those 2 weeks have given the the media time to dissect, investigate and question everything Super Bowl related. There has been interviews with players everyday, the same questions asked again and again.
I'm tuned in everyday, listening to those same questions being asked again and again.
I'm not right!
Last year on this date Pennsylvania was snowed in.
The temperature today is expected to reach 50 degrees.
I've never made golf plans in February before.
Something just isn't right.
I have really been enjoying these Republican debates.
Watching the participants attack each other has been the most entertaining TV I have watched since "Cheers" went off the air.
That's just not right.
Have you heard of the workout program called P90X?
The X stands for EXTREME.
I'm on day 5.
I'm typing this post with my nose because I can't move my arms.
That's just not right.
Happy weekend to all.


Denise at Autumn Sky said...

LOL! My word verification today is Killer!! As in killer workout?? Or killer instincts your dog uses to get to the goodies?

Have a nice weekend. Super Bowl? Not interested since the New York team beat our Niners. Or rather, our Niners handed it to them:-(

Vicky said...

ha! I always know I am in for a few good laughs- you don't disappoint! Now you have me missing Cheers :)

beth said...

omg.....i loved your random "just not rights" immensely...thanks for making my friday a bit more fun filled !!

Formerly known as Frau said...

Love your post today...made me laugh!
PX90 my brother in laws have that.....I do a boot camp class and I can barely move today so I feel your pain! I wish there was an easier way!

Have a great weekend!
Go Giants!!

lenworth scully said...

Keep using that P90X workout program. You're going to end up loving it. It's very addictive, but it's a positive addiction.

Debi said...

Love it! Hope your team wins.

Jerral Miles said...

Rosie has just about got it figured out. I can tell by the angle of her head in the picture... so hang in there everybody. She's an oracle who speaks her messages through Mark. If she comes up with a prediction about the Super Bowl before tomorrow night, let me know.

Marilyn said...

Too funny. Like your list of "just not rights", especially the Republican debate one. They are giving the Democrats so much material for the pre-election debates and that is right and good. Hope they use it.