Sunday, May 27, 2012

Day after day I noticed the newspaper on the galley table. It was the local New Orleans paper that the pilot brought with him days ago as he met our boat to assist us up the mighty Mississippi to New Orleans. Each day the paper showed more signs of abuse. It was well read by the crew by the time I picked it up and looked at the front page.

I should have skipped right to the sports section, because once again this story follows me. All the way to New Orleans from Happy Valley Pennsylvania, Jerry Sandusky tracks me better than a Cajun hunting dog. You remember him, don't you? He's the old man that raped the young boy in the Penn State shower, was seen doing so by an assistant football coach who reported it to his daddy who reported it to the head football coach who reported it to his boss who reported it to nobody.

A New Orleans state senator proposed a bill the other day the basically stipulates, if you see a boy getting raped in a shower, you will be obligated by law to report it to the AUTHORITIES, not to your daddy.
 If you don't, you could be fined and/or imprisoned.

New Orleans doesn't care that you may loose your job for doing the right thing, they just want you to do the right thing.

I think it's a sad state of affairs when we as a society have to be threatened with fines and imprisonment by the government to convince us to do the right thing.

I love what  Senator J.P. Morrell is doing.
I just think it's sad that he has to.


Joey said...

Makes me SICK! Not in a MILLION years would it not occur to me to go to the authorities. IN FACT - I am POSITIVE I would have stopped the whole thing and grabbed that baby and told Sandusky to go F himself because that was who he would have left after I was done with him. No doubt WHATSOEVER, that is how it would have gone down. And I can also tell you that just because I am saying this at 55 years old? I would have done it at 25. Ask ANYONE who knows me now and knew me then. Grrrrrr...Ok MY rant is over. LOL!! Thanks for the forum!

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SueAnn Lommler said...

Yes, I agree, it is sad. Psthetic even! Sheesh!

Karen said...

I don't know how any person in his right mind could have walked away from that situation and done NOTHING. And that person has children and grandchildren! Would the reaction have been different if it were one of his own? It's disgusting and I'm sure he had a hard time living with it...if he were any kind of decent, he was tormented for the rest of his days by his inaction.

Jerral Miles said...

What goes on in Vegas may stay in Vegas, but being quiet about sexual abuse in locker rooms, especially of childen...What's that about? How could anybody know about it and not do something? Oh, I remember. There has been that little problem with priests... And now I remember... those teachers... and Whooohh! We've got a problem. At least shunning... No.. Let me think... a big fine? Prison? I can't come up with anything that makes me really feel good about Sandusky or the people who shielded him.

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