Friday, September 7, 2012

I watched 2 days of the RNC last week in Tampa,
and watched 2 days of the DNC which ended last night.

It was like watching a triple A baseball game,
then going to watch a New York Yankee game.

Not even comparable.
I was invited to attend a New York Giants football game on Wednesday
against the Dallas Cowboys.
I grudgingly accepted.
Being from Philadelphia and a die hard Eagles fan, and a true rival of all New York teams
the tailgate party that broke out, staring sausage, corn, raviolli , Champagne
and a variety of other goodies,
was unbelievable.

Mingling in the parking lot
taking pictures of other tailgaters,
I was surprised at how nice the Giant fans were.
I did walk around in disguise
wearing my newly bought Giants hat.
It was a great atmosphere, minus the fisticuffs
that often are part of rowdy Philadelphia tailgaters. 
If I wore my Eagles hat
things might have been different.
Have a good weekend.


Karen said...

The question is..... did most americans "get it"?....

Did you hear of Anne Coulters hideous tweets?... the depths they've sunk to... *sigh*

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

Ummmm...Go Niners!

Joey said...

Bill Clinton =AMAZING
Elizabeth Warren = OMGGGGGGG that woman has it goin' on and the dems need to market with her speech
Michele? = Rocked it!
President Obama = made me want to pound the pavement for votes

RNC = scared me

That's my nutshell!

Jerral Miles said...

Good comparison... football and politics. We're in the middle of a tough political season. The convention in Charlotte was like a very, very good tail gate party.

Marilyn said...

sounds like you grudgingly and with surprise enjoyed yourself. The Democrat Convention was amazing!

Formerly known as Frau said...

Gotta love the Giants or at least that's what my BIL say! The Bills fans here are die hard tailgaters I'm not really a's not easy to be a Bills fan!