Monday, September 3, 2012

The opening of this years NFL football season is less than a week away, and I'm going to my first game, ever.
I've been a Philadelphia Eagle fan for as long as I can remember. I bleed green, is a common saying around these parts.
But, it's not an Eagles game I'm going to. I'm traveling 2 hours up Interstate 95 on Wednesday with my friend Jen who, as it turns out is a New York Giant fan. Jen also has season tickets to Giants games.

Jen asked me if I would like to accompany her to her team's season opener against the always hated ( unless you live in Texas ) Dallas Cowboys.
I think I shocked her when I said yes.
But I don't think she understands how deep my feelings are for the Eagles current quarterback who happened to have spent time in jail for running a dog fighting operation. Michael Vick is the Eagles quarterback, and on his watch dogs were killed for not fighting good enough.

Mike Vick has convinced many, that he is now a good guy. He's on the childrens circuit, you know, the one where he dresses in a suit, goes to a school and tells kids, " don't kill dogs." Great message Mike.
During one of his dog and pony show appearances, a young student asked, "Is it true that you electrocuted and drowned dogs with your bare hands?" Mr. Vick's response was, "I never electrocuted dogs."
Oh. I feel so much better.

That this sick individual is now making millions playing quarterback for what was MY TEAM, is a abomination.
Ever since Vick has signed with the Eagles, my interest has waned. I've been looking for a reason to cheer for another team.
What better reason to switch, than to be offered a ticket to a team "right up the road."
The fact that they are the reigning Super Bowl champs is just an added bonus.

I used to bleed Eagles green.
But the blue New York Giants colors fit me better.
My new hat brings out the color of my eyes.

My first NFL game is Wednesday night.
Can't wait.


Jerral Miles said...

I like the cap on the laptop... good image. You were sure-as-hell easily seduced away from the Eagles to NY. I agree that blue is cool...

Karen said...

Oh, I don't think the seduction was easy... I think the offense was horrible enough to do the trick. I agree with you on all coutns, Mark. That the NFL continues to pay this man an abominable salary is horrifying.

My husband is a diehard Cowboys fan since he was 16 years old. Even when they do horribly, he just can't walk

Joey said...

Ummm - YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!

Thank goodness it wasn't Dallas or The Patriots...aghhhhhhh

Marilyn said...

Enjoy the game tonight!