Friday, December 7, 2012

Anthony Bourdain, of "No Reservations" fame was in Philadelphia on his recent show. That was fun watching him beebop around some of the city streets that I am familiar with. You're familiar with this guy right? He's the chef who gets paid by the Travel Channel to visit places all over the world and eat. Not a bad gig if you can get it.
To his credit, he stated that he would not be visiting any "Philly Cheese Steak" places, rather he sampled some great food at places all over the city.

FYI. If any one reading this ever goes to Philly and feels the urge to get a cheese steak, STAY AWAY FROM THE MUCH TALKED ABOUT AND OVER-HYPED "PATS". The only thing done well there is their marketing plan.

Politicians and movie stars have pulled up in limos to get a cheese steak at "Pat's." I'm not putting down cheese steaks. I'm putting down PAT'S cheese steaks. If you want a good one, hit up one of the many Hoagie shops that you'll find in South Philly or in any suburb. They are to die for. 


The Arizona Powerball winner claimed his 200 million dollars today. Let me be clear.
I. am. not. happy. for. him.


Ever since the election I have had this strange urge to buy a Volkswagon Beetle and head West, passing through Haight Ashbury on the way to Washington State.

On a unrelated subject, POT IS LEGAL IN WASHINGTON STATE, but the situation is a bit tricky.
You can own up to an ounce, but you can't buy it or grow it. Talk about a buzz kill. So, the question is, how does one get it without breaking the law? You can smoke it, you just can't GET it.

If a bag of pot falls from the sky, and it's less than an ounce, you can pick it up, but it is against the law to open said bag in public.

If a cop believes someone is "driving under the influence" of pot he has the right to conduct a field sobriety test. That got me to thinking. What are the signs of someone driving under the influence of pot?
A car full of smiling, cooperative, very agreeable citizens driving 5 mph under the speed limit with a box of Twinkies on the dash?

It's an interesting situation with a lot of unanswered questions as of yet.

Isn't it amazing that Tequila is legal?


Karen said...

LOL....oh the irony. There would be no more road rage if everyone drove under the influence of pot. Maybe no speeding either. Not that I'm condoning it...

As I read your post it reminded me of something

You can build a mansion but you just can't live in it.... your the fastest runner but you're not allowed to win... Dr. says your cured, but you still feel the pain...

Let's see how good you are, where is that from...

Joey said...

In't it IRONIC!!! LOL to Karen. Will have to text her! And Mark, I did not know those Mary Jane "rules" WTFFFF???!!!! This country just cracks me up. And the Twinkies? Not any more!!!

Formerly known as Frau said...

I think you can stop in Colorado and have the same pot rules. Reminds me of the when we lived in Germany kids could legally have sex at 14, drink beer and wine at 16 but not drive until your 18!

We moved to West Chester PA and I remember having a Philly steak for the first time...haven't had one since.

Happy Weekend!

Marilyn said...

Oregon tried to pass the marijuana thing too, but it didn't pass. Living about 15 minutes from Washington I will be watching and curious to see what happens.

bon bon said...

i love the layover! (i have the philly show recorded.) maybe even more then "no reservations." tony is such a cranky turd. but then that's why i love letterman too...i don't have to live with either of them, i suppose. ;)

dcpeg said...

Tony B. has had to eat some pretty gruesome sounding/looking, things, so I can't say I'm envious. Love his attitude, though!

Jerral Miles said...

You know, I'll bet, we have Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches sold in a couple of cafes in San Diego that the proprietors claim are even more original than the one's at "Pats" in your neighborhood... I couldn't say. .. haven't had one from either place. I'm going to wait until I can have one with you before I venture into that argument. I need an expert for some things... usually not for food, but this time... maybe with tequila.