Friday, December 14, 2012


"Guns don't kill people, people do."


Hey all you narrow minded, blinder wearing supporters of EVERYTHING guns, tell that to the 5yr olds, 6 year olds, 7 year olds and 8 year old innocent children who just got gunned downed in their elementary school this morning by a Glock carrying nutcase.
You gun toting card carrying members of the National Rifle Association who blindly fight any reasonable thought or possible change that may infringe on YOUR right to own a semi automatic weapon that can kill 20 students a minute, OPEN YOUR FREEKIN EYES. 
If you want to own a gun to go kill a defenseless deer, while the grocery store 15 minutes away from your deer stand sits packed with food, than go ahead. I think it's stupid but if that's what turns you on, knock yourself out.
But there is not ONE SANE REASON why anyone other than the Marines should own a semi or automatic weapon.

If your argument to own such children killers is because you like to go to the range and fire off a couple hundred rounds for fun, well, bite me. GET A NEW FREEKIN HOBBY!

Don't even start that with 2nd amendment bullshit. When the founding fathers wrote the 2nd amendment, with the express purpose of providing protection against a run away government, THEY HAD MUSKETS that took 3 minutes to reload not semi-automatic weapons that hold 30 round clips that devastate a community in less than a minute.

Danbury Connecticut was a war zone this morning.
The children in  grades K to 4th were at a distinct disadvantage.


Donna said...

Right on!
Everyone should be infuriated by this insanity continuing.
You can't change nothing - and expect anything to change!

Cait Throop said...

I'm with you, Mark...I just can't understand how people can think we need semi-automatic weapons???!!! WTF! I'm incoherently reeling. I used to work in Newtown...back when they had the state hospital there...unbelievable.

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

There is no sane argument whatsoever. It's maddening and heartbreaking, yet the "I must have my guns" crowd will still take issue. The NRA has way too much power in this country.

beth said...


you said it mark....we have had the TV on since the first news report came on and with each new report, the tears come again.

my heart aches for the families in connecticut tonight and all my prayers are for them......

Jerral Miles said...

You and the President said what's appropriate to be said. Now we all need to INSIST that the NRA stops getting its way with Congress. The discussion has to begin now... You've begun it with the BLOG post. Thanks.

Formerly known as Frau said...


Karen said...

I'm with you too, Mark! When will enough be enough???

Barefoot from Heaven said...

holy shit this is a good one. I totaly understand you my friend. We in Europe simply can't grasp the fact that it's sooo darn easy to get hold of guns like you guys are able to. It's totaly insane! Were is this world going to....
And if there are people out there who think they need to 'protect' themselfs well go live together in on big comunity and shoot eachothers head off. That clears the air and our surroundings. Then we won't be needing them guns anymore couse all the goofs are gone taking themselfs out. No more inocent people need to be prayers are with all of them who lost loved ones in this crazyness.
Be well hugs Dagmar

sharon oler said...

Thank you Mark! I live in the middle of NRA country, you have said exactly what I want to scream in the faces of sooooo many! As a preschool teacher.....thank you it did my heart good to find a kindred spirit! Love your blog and on a happier note thank you for the info on the ship. My partner will be so happy to say he owns that ship! What a wonderful fun gift. And maybe a trip to go and see it is in our near future.
Merry Christmas