Saturday, January 26, 2013

Do Something

Today, thousands of protesters took to the frigid streets of our nation's Capitol to have their say about tougher gun control laws.
I thought it would be prudent to pop on over to the NRA website to read the latest ramblings from my sharp shooting brothers.
To my surprise, the website was actually up and running, unlike the days after the shootings in Newtown when they pulled the plug on it and circled the wagons.
Unfortunately for sane individuals, the end result of that hastily called meeting was to arm the teachers. Yeah, that's it, more guns is just what we need.

Wayne LaPierre, the big cheese of the NRA was in rare form, as he wrote a piece titled, "Wayne's Commentary" on the NRA website.
A chill ran down my back as I read his thoughts. It reminded me of some of the dialogue spoken by Jim Jones to his blinded followers many years ago. Mr. Jones was the founder and leader of a group called "The Peoples Temple" and all he did was convince 914 people to simultaneously poison themselves, ending their lives one day in Jonestown, Guyana. 

Anyway, good old Wayne was bad mouthing President Obama crying that the President is calling them (extremist gun owners, not be to confused with responsible gun owners with common sense )
names. Mr. LaPierre must have over looked the fact that the NRA just released an advertisement calling the President a "elitist hypocrite."

Here's my problem with his statement. If you are in the public eye and in a position of power like Mr. LaPierre is, I don't think it's responsible or right to disrespect your President by calling him an "elitist hypocrate" on a national stage.
If he wants to do that in a closed NRA meeting with all his buds as they all sit around cleaning their military assault weapons, than that's one thing, but to do it on a national stage I think is reprehensible and just plain wrong.

President Obama wants anyone who chooses to buy a gun, to go through a background check. Seems like an ok idea to me. LaPierre and his extreme followers are acting like the White House is about to start collecting the first born of gun owners. Give me a brake Rambo!!

Dear "they're going to take away all my rights" extremist gun owners. No one wants to take away anything. Some of us just think that the rights of citizens that were written when the people who wrote them were still wearing wigs, need to be upgraded, changed..... amended you might say, to reflect the times.

Law abiding American citizens took to the streets today. I hope it's the start of something great.

Todays sunset
Galveston, Texas



Joey said...

Remember my "I lose:" statement?

OMG!!!! I actually get enraged when I read the RIDICULOUSness of the NRA and all their followers. I have actually started blocking any "friends" who won't stop posting their crap on Facebook. It's completely unreasonable and only fuels my fire of not trusting anyone that owns a gun! I question not only their intent but who they really are as human beings. It's so creepy.

PS - No worries - the post "agrees with mine" LOL!!!

Formerly known as Frau said...

Beautiful sunset and such an ugly topic....I'm so sick of these stupid people saying Obama is trying to take away my rights! Seriously ignorant people my tongue is bloody from biting it around certain people in my life that feel this way.

Karen said...

WOW, Mark.. what a photo. You are really becoming a photographer, not kidding at all.

So tired of the Obama bashing on just about every subject... and this one is full of craziness..because there are so many crazy gun enthusiasts out there. No one is trying to take away their rights. Read the facts! They don't want to, though.. there in lies the rub. They just want to bash and kick and scream and have another reason to bare their arms.

Donna said...

I love how the NRA convienently disregards the reality that the Second Amendment refers to gun ownership "as part of a well regulated milita". Not only do I think there should be background checks, but folks buying guns should have mandatory time in the military! Let's see how long their devotion to the Constitution would last then! :)

bon bon said...

lovely image...

and let them have all the muskets and gunpowder they want, i say. ;)