Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Do Orchids and Dogs go together?

A few weeks ago we went to
and they were showcasing their orchids.

Now, I'm not a big flower guy.

I don't hate em
but I can only name you about 5 different kinds.

I visit Longwood often because
my wife IS a flower girl.
So, happy wife, happy life kinda thing.

Seriously, Longwood is a great place to kill a few hours
even if your not big into flowers.

Anyway, when Valentines Day popped up
about a week after seeing the Orchid display,
it seemed pretty obvious
what the flower of choice should be this year
for my wife.

And I haven't killed it yet.


This is why
getting a small dog seems to make more sense.

I either need a bigger car or a smaller dog.

Pictured above is Ginger
as we returned home from the vet yesterday.

Ginger's not as spry as she used to be
and needs help getting off the floor.
Climbing into the backseat of a car
is a distant memory for her
and hasn't been accomplished since the Bush administration,
so as I lift at her shoulders and my wife lifts from the rear
we somehow manage, with laughter,
to get her into the car.

Yep, definitely need a bigger car.


beth said...

i like how you love.....your wife, your girls, your animals, flowers because "she" loves have a good heart !!

Formerly known as Frau said...

Love Orchids...and that you are such a smart man....happy wife happy life! It kills me the price of orchids, when we lived in Germany they were so cheap we had them all the time. Your Ginger is a cutie! Yup a bigger car is needed! Have a great day!

Marilyn said...

Yes, you do have a good heart to go see flowers with the flower girl of your life.
Oh poor Ginger, my goodness she looks relieved to be in the car again. My goodness, but she is big.

SueAnn Lommler said...

Orchids are so beautiful...well done...great choice.

dcpeg said...

Oh my -- I think I'm in love -- with grinning Ginger! Her appreciation for your love and care of her clearly shows on her face.

Your orchid shot is also awesome! I once owned/killed a white version of this flower. I hope you do better.

Karen said...

You are such a good man, Mark, it's clear in the way you love the ones you love.

Jerral Miles said...

Why is it that I think I know Ginger, and I think she knows me? Ginger is the universal dog... and looking at her I'm reminded of what dog is spelled backward.
Thanks for this picture and reminder. Change whatever you ever have to change about your car, but don't change anything about Ginger.

Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

I wasn't a flower guy either, until I bought a macro lens, now I can't get enough. My wife is definitely a flower girl, so I pick up names here and there.

Longwood is such a great place to visit. Nice orchid!