Monday, February 25, 2013

I did something yesterday for the first time.
I actually watched a NASCAR race from start to finish and I admit I was on the edge of my seat for a lot of the race.

Danica Patrick sat in the drivers seat of her "Go Daddy" car and joined the good old boys as she zipped around the 2 1/2 mile track at speeds close to 200 MPH, taking part in what they call The Great American Race. Danica finished in 8th place, very respectable by most accounts.

I have some errands to run today so I'm going to climb through the window of my "Budweiser- Craftsman" Chevy and head out in a few minutes. My "Budweiser-Craftsman" Chevy is a rental I'm driving because my "Lowes- Staples" Toyota was in an accident a few weeks ago. I'd like to thank the boys in the shop working on that 28 car and I can't wait to get my "Lowes-Staples" Toyota back on the track, or at least, in my driveway.

In an effort to continue to waste my Sunday I kept my position on the coach deep into the night and watched the Oscars last night. From the red carpet interviews to the closing credits, I sat on my "Home Depot- Snap on" couch and watched the beautiful people of Tinsel Town.

In case you're wondering, I was wearing Prada.


Jerral Miles said...

Were you in the "Lowes-Staples" Toyota when it was in an accident? I hope that's not the reason you spend the evening on the couch watching my L.A. neighbors do their thing... and I don't care what anybody else says... I think Michelle Obama was terrific to take part.

Donna said...

Funny - but I'd pegged you as a couture Dior guy; just goes to show ya!

Joey said...

Prada is so yesterday...doncha know? LOL! Loved checking in today! Hope you're having a great time off!