Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Cardnals and Food

Day 1 of the conclave in Rome produced what many experts expected. No Pope.
Day 2 of my tug boat conclave had similar results.

Early this morning 115 Roman Catholic cardinals walked into the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican to tend to the business of electing a new Pope. Sitting below paintings by Michelangelo, the cardinals could not come to a decision.
Thousands of miles away, our tug boat conclave gathered in the engineer's office surrounded by water pump parts and engine manuals. Much to the frustration of everyone on board, no Pope was elected.

Cnn reports that workers installed jamming devices on the roof of the Vatican before the conclave began, making it impossible for any of the 115 cardinals who are voting, to communicate with the outside world.

Let's recap.
The 115 cardinals who shoulder the responsibility of having to elect a new Pope, swear an oath of secrecy.
These cardinals are the holiest of holy men in the catholic church. They are swearing an oath to God that they will not utter a word to anyone about the goings on inside the Sistine Chapel. Each of these cardinals is possibly one step away from become the Pope.
And they are trusted so much that they PUT JAMMING DEVICES ON THE ROOF so they can't tweet who voted for who?
Instead of installing state of the art jamming devices, couldn't they have just said, "Cardinals, turn all your cell phones off now, the conclave is starting."
I find that troubling.

Ok, this is the part of this post where I make a subtle hint
asking all who read this to head on over to Scotch + Soba.
It's a new blog started by my daughter and her fiance.

Most of you would have probably stopped there
with one link to Scotch and Soba.
But I'm going to be a bit more ....forward.

In a nut shell
You see, my daughter and her fiance are true foodies
who live at the moment in Brussels.
One is vegetarian, one is not.
It's true, opposites attract. 

So, if you like reading about food,
or talking about food
or, hey, if you eat food
you need to head over to Scotch + Soba.

Come on, work with me here, it's my daughter.
Scotch + Soba has the makings of a great blog.

I know the power you people have.
One link from one of your blogs and their Scotch + Soba blog will be off and running.
When I first started blogging, for the longest time no one knew I existed.
Then, one day, Beth stumbled upon my blog
and linked it on her blog, saying something nice about it.
She then sent me a email, a warning that said,
"Mark, get ready, I'm sending some love your way."
I had no idea what she was talking about,
until the next day,  my blog blew up.

So, my friends
I need you "players" out there to help.
I know, this is shameless promotion.
You know who you are.
Beth, Karen, Jerral, Denise, Joey,Marilyn, Reena, Betty,Kathy and all my other friends
throw me a bone and send some love over to Scotch + Soba.


Denise at Autumn Sky said...

Of course I will go over there and support them! I remember Belgium as having fabulous food.
The Catholics? I dunno.

Jerral Miles said...

I want some of Arya’s snitched tarts... I’ll pass on Yoren’s black bread. Good blog...

SueAnn Lommler said...

That bit about the Cardinals is so true and quite troubling.

Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

Yea, it makes you wonder. If the holiest men on earth can't be trusted to follow a simple oath, what else is going on? Good luck to your daughter's blog! I'm not a foodie, but I visited and it was interesting.

andy said...

Good food blog !!!! I'm in ill head of there now ! Have a good day

Karen said...

Wooooow, jamming devices, huh? No wonder we can't trust them with our kids. oooh, that might be a little harsh.. Nooo, no it isn't.

Marilyn said...

Laughing at the challenge here. Now I have to get on over there and check it out.

Emily said...

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