Thursday, March 7, 2013


The President of the United States invited 12 Republican Senators out to dinner last night, in hopes of building a bridge over the isle that separates common sense from nonsense. As you may have heard, the degree of communication and cooperation between the Haves and Have-nots has been short of impressive.
Honestly, the Hatfields and the McCoys got along better.

I would like to think, the pulse of even the most jaded career Senator would increase a bit as he opened his mail and saw a dinner invitation from the leader of the free world.
What should I wear, would be my first thought.

You would have thought the dinner would have been in held in the White House, but the President chose a venue outside of the most intimidating house on the planet. I totally get it. He chose a place where he had hopes of disarming his guests, you know, "loosen those Windsor knots boys, and let's chew the fat." A place where they could be themselves, let down their guard and come to some kind of agreement on these seemingly endless budget cut arguments..

Something tells me that "Plume", the restaurant of choice in The Jefferson Hotel does not scream boys night out. They ate Lobster Thermidor for heavens sake.
I'm sure Executive Chef Chris Jakubiec cantered to their every wish, from Aperitifs to a $600 bottle of Joao Carlos d'Aguiar, Moscatel after dinner. It's a 1795.

Senator Toomy said the dinner/meeting was "very cordial and constructive."
That's just what I would expect at a place like "Plume."

Mr. President, I feel ya.
Your plan looks good on paper, but this is what you should have done.
Load the swinging 12 into 2 of those big black Suburbans you have access to, roll on up to HOOTERS and let the loosening up begin.

You and the 12 republican Senators should belly up to the bar, order some hot wings, extra sauce, and throw back some beers. A couple of Bud Light's  later the stuffed shirts would have their sleeves rolled up as they chewed the meat right off those scrumptious wings, as hot sauce covered their lips with eyes darting this way and that as they scoped out the HOOTER girls. 

I can just see John McCain, he has a  big smile on his face as he wipes his mouth on his sleeve.  His eyes are  bulging and he's taking deep breaths trying to put the "hot" fire out. To be heard over the music he yells,  " "Hey Barack.....these wings are freekin good!"

It would be at this point in the evening, that the President should begin budget negotiations.

I don't know, just thinking out loud.


Jerral Miles said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! Send this one to the President. Hooters is the perfect place to begin a thaw in relationships between any two sides. I'll telephone... Hell! I can't remember... Maybe Director Holder... He's in now, in spite of the thirteen hour filibuster. Holder can make the suggestion about Hooters. Mark, I think you've saved the free world from the Tea Party and Fox and whoever those other dimwits are. Thanks... Oh! Oh! Oh! I forgot to ask. Does Donald Trump own Hooters? I know he's definitely interested in hooters.

SueAnn Lommler said...

Now that is one imaginative trip! Ha.
I like it!

Joey said...

Haaaaaaaa!!! If only! But of course, you can HEAR it now right? BTW - I have a real problem with the $$$ spent on that meal. A $15 bottle of wine would have been just fine. Gimmeee a break...

Joey said...

Ok - I had to post again. I read an article about this and the prez paid for it out of his own pocket. Ok, fine. If you are dumb enough to spend THAT kind of $$ on Moscatel? Be my guest. But it sure would have been better press if you respected us poor folk and order a freaking cup of Irish COFFEE!! It's so discouraging!

Karen said...

What's discouraging??... that the President paid for it out of his own pocket? I think that was a noble thing to do.

Hooters, however, would have been much less expensive, and easier on the.. eyes... lolol....