Monday, March 4, 2013

Most Interesting, even more interesting.

A few days ago I posted a picture of me
pretending to be "The Most Interesting Man in the World"
as I helped promote my friends new beer company
Evil Genius.

My friend Karen over at
took it into her lab and made some improvements.

I mean seriously,
I now AM
"The Most Interesting Man in the World."
Thanks Karen.

I made a promise to myself after the Sandy Hook disaster
that I would press my  Senators
to make changes to our almost non existent gun laws in this country.
I kept my promise.

I sent emails daily.
As the time passed and I never heard a peep
I got pissed
and sent more and more.
Somedays I sent two.

Senator Toomy, republican
has not had the time to even acknowledge my contacting him
Senator Casey, democrat
answered me today, which is why I mention this in this post.

It was basically a form letter stating that he is looking at all factors
and studying the mental illness issue
bla bla bla bla.

The letter was so generic
you would have thought I contacted him asking him for passes
for a  tour of the Capitol. 


Even more important than beer or inept politicians
is the fact that a few days ago my "Follower" count reached 100.

I have been stuck on 99 for about a year
never thought the big milestone would be reached.
For a while I felt like Susan Lucci.
It took her 21 years to win an Emmy.
( It strikes me as odd that Susan Lucci popped into my head as I wrote this.)

So, in accepting my 100 Followers,
"I would first like to thank the Academy............."


Joey said...

Wow. 100!? I've been stuck on 33. FOREVER! Sadly, another 10-20 resides on Facebook. Why does it bug me that I don't have more followers??? LOL - perhaps I need to post MORE? Maybe AK - After Kids...or maybe I'm just boring. LOL!!!

Good pic, Karen!!!

Karen said...


Denise at Autumn Sky said...

I have never hit 100 either, so congrats to you. And our dear Karen has definitely made you appear even more interesting with her lab work.

imquilternity said...

Well, I don't show up in your blogger "followers" count, because I'm following/subscribed to your blog via google reader. You probably have more "followers" and "subscribers" than you're aware of.

Love the new beer "ad"... great job Karen!

beth said...

you are so funny....and karen, well i love her!! i think you should blow that photo up and hang it in your house :)

congrats on the followers....i'm at a stuck number also...and i'm not sure how to get anymore....the hubby mentioned nude photos...yeah, he's a funny guy!

Marilyn said...

OK, now you should have 101. I don't think I have ever signed on as a Follower.
Nice photo before and after.
Good luck with getting gun control laws improved in your state.

Betty Manousos said...

...but you are! definitely.
you're so funny.
i really like the photos taken by karen.
and congrats on the 100!

thanks so much for the wonderful comment.
it is much appreciated:)

Donna said...

1 - You look like an Irish poet in the ad - or my fanatasy of how an Irish poet looks!
2 - I'm sure there are MANY more people,like me, who read and enjoy every post but, as a totally indoctrinated child of the 60's, just don't think of ourselves as 'following' anybody! :)

Zorana said...

I'm not a follower, but definitely a reader (subscriber) because you are more interesting than the "most interesting" guy on TV :-)

Formerly known as Frau said...

Congrats on the picture Karen improved on.