Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Oppede,Sault and more stone

After a breakfast of fresh pastry, fresh pastry and fresh pastry
we headed out to explore some towns nearby.
Our first stop was Oppede,
a comfortable drive from our base in St Remy.

This medieval town dates back
to post roman times. 

 Before leaving town we popped in
for a much need expresso and tea

it was off to Sault

Then it was a quick stop at this unusual village.

 As I looked at these unusual stone structures
I couldn't help but think of the pathetic little stone walls
I have built over the years around the gardens in my yard.

These buildings are called "mortarless" 
nothing is holding these stones together except other stones.


As I mentioned, I dabble in stone walls.
Over the years I have collected a stone sample or two
from far away lands
to add to my wall.

Some people would call it stealing
I like to think of it as Public Relations.
When people come to my house, I show them a stone on my wall
taken from a 1000 year old castle in Italy,
a stone from Hamersmith Farms,
which is the childhood home of one Jackie Kennedy,
and now I have just added a stone from the Medieval town of Oppede, France.
I don't think Italy, France or Rhode Island will care.
Hope not.

It's the simple things.....


Marilyn said...

I love the idea of a stone wall of memories from your travels. We did travel through here, but didn't step into the stone structures. Thanks for taking us inside. Just loving your holiday.

beth said...

public relations....exactly !!!

and i love that you are a stoner....i mean stone stealer :)

Karen said...

I have not seen quite the exotic locations that you have, but I also collect stones from our various excursions.

oooh that window! That door knocker!!...

Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

Cool header picture!

I won't tell about the rocks, I promise. I think that's a cool idea. I think you have a great eye, the door knocker is awesome!

dcpeg said...

I'm probably your only reader who thinks it's a bad idea to pick up bits and pieces of history. Your confession reminded me of what would happen if everyone who walked under our lovely cherry blossom trees decided to take a twig or two. There'd be nothing left.

Still your pics are awesome and I'm ready to pack up and visit where you went!

Barbara/myth maker said...

I guess I would take a stone too, trusting it's small enough to carry easily, and hopefully cause no impact to the structure. They are amazing, btw.

What was that wonderful sweet (I imagine) confection your lady friend was holding?

Jerral Miles said...

What was it Frost said? "Something there is that doesn't love a wall... that wants it down." These walls in your photographs defy logic.