Thursday, May 30, 2013

Due to the internet gods here in the Corpus Christi area, ( weak signal) it will not be possible tonight for me
to bombard the blog world with any more photos of my trip to France. ( you're welcome)

Tomorrow we head out on a 3 day trip to New Orleans, so, upon arrival I will continue to update my blog with photos of my trip. ( it's all about me you know)

So, instead of waiting forever for photos  to upload, I used the time to clean up my email, "unsubscribing " to all the junk I have "subscribed" to that I never never read. I'm feeling pretty good about that. More is not better in the case of junk email.

I did not bring my camera with me to the boat this trip, I'm already thinking that was a bad idea.

Have a good weekend.


Barbara/myth maker said...

Always a bad idea not to bring the camera.
Enjoy New Orleans, I look forward to the photos.
Yea, I've gone through the email clean-up, but need to do a new one, no doubt.

beth said...

whhhhaaaatttt ? no camera ?

and hey, it's your blog so it is all about you :)

Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

I have a t-shirt that has "It's all about me' printed on it. Do you think my wife was trying to tell me something?

Have a good trip, but no camera?