Friday, July 12, 2013

Oh Peta

Recently my wife heard some disturbing news. She heard that PETA,  the widely respected animal rights group that she supports may have a dark side. Rumor has it that PETA was brought up on animal cruelty charges, and that they may operate one of the biggest kill shelters in the country.
Ironic, don't you think? Say it ain't so PETA.

My wife brought this subject up recently to a like minded friend, and he too was shocked to hear this. He gave my wife the name of a local animal rights group to contact, and ask this very question, you know, just to get an explaination.

So, she contacted DAA, Delaware Action for Animals. Her email consisted basically of, "Hey, I heard this, is it true? If it is, shouldn't they (PETA) be called out?
She heard back from DAA. The contact was a dude named Bob.
I don't think Bob liked the fact that my wife asked this question.
I don't think Bob thinks PETA should be called out.
I think Bob is a hypocrite.
Bob didn't give my wife an answer.
Bob gave my wife a LECTURE.
Bad move Bob.

Bob proceeded to inform my wife with a brief history of PETA and DAA. He said PETA was formed in the early 80's ( well, Bob, actually it was 1980, so you're correct, that would be the early 80's, really really early.) and that DAA was actually a "PETA local group" until DAA incorporated in 1983. ( Actually Bob, your wrong, DAA incorporated in 1987. Get to know your web site Bob.)

Bob goes on to explain DAA has had a 30 year history with  PETA, and even if they sometimes disagree with what they do ( like killing 80% of the animals that are brought to PETA, Bob?) they wouldn't think of causing a stink by saying anything about the all holy PETA.

Bob seems to be a bit on the defensive here, and because of that the lecture he was giving really got going. He went on to explain that real activist groups don't waste time bashing those who share the same perspective ( remember, all my wife asked is, is it true?) and insinuated that THEY got her to question PETA.
HOW DARE YOU was the inference.

Hey Bob, HOW_DARE-YOU you arrogant twit! You have no clue. My wife isn't a 20 something "it's cool to be an activist." She was advocating for animal rights 2 years before NIXON RESIGNED FROM OFFICE. Just curious Bob, what were you doing in 1973.

As the email went on, he climbed higher and higher up that horse and looking down on us uneducated folks, he says, "Let's suppose it is valid. Would you have DAA take resources away from helping animals in Delaware to start some PETA hate campaign or write them a hate letter and there by make it impossible for us to ever work with them again in the future.?" ( remember, this is in response to a question, is it true or not?)

Bob suggested that my wife should use whatever computer time she has more productively.
Can ANYONE guess where my blood pressure is right now?
Um, Bob. My wife doesn't have a lot of spare computer time, because most of her time is spent caring for THE 4 RESCUED CATS AND 2 RESCUED DOGS that I trip over on a daily basis.

Well Bob, what I think should have happened is this. In response to my wife's simple quiry, you should have answered something along the lines of, Hey we don't agree with everything they do, but PETA does have a large scale euthanasia program, they say there are just way too many dogs and cats, they can't care for all of them.
Actually something as tame as that wouldn't have worked either because you know, and I know that PETA only finds home for LESS than 20% of the animals that are brought to them.

Um.... Bob? As you may have guessed, I'm more upset at the fact that you have this elitist, arrogant, condescending attitude. I wonder if DAA knows how you are representing them to the public.
Well Bob, they will shortly.

Um, Bob? I took the advice you gave my wife and I concentrated on using my computer as productively as possible. And you know what I learned Bob?

NBC News told me.
Fox News told me.
The Center for Consumer Freedom told me
The International Times told me, and then I just got bored. Same old same old.
My wife never got an answer from you.
All she got from you was a lecture. Go lecture someone else.

Rosie- rescued

Tigger- rescued

Sammy- rescued

Huckleberry Finn- rescued

Ginger- rescued

Tiggy- rescued


Izzy- rescued

This ain't our first rodeo Bob.

See ya on Facebook and Twitter Bob.


Jerral Miles said...

If there's anything to reincarnation, I want to come back as your wife's cat... or maybe dog. Yeah... Cat. It's cat. They live longer, and seeing the line up of cats on your back porch cinched it for me. Great photographs.

Bob is probably somewhere licking his wounds.

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

I have been quite surprised at how much turmoil there is within the rescue organizations, small and large. Lots of nasty rhetoric that makes me wonder, Why?

dcpeg said...

Unbelievable! I would have been tempted to hop in my car and find "Bob" to set is arrogant ass straight. I hop you and your wife follow-up on this. Some heads definitely need to roll and they do not belong to dogs or cats or bunnies, etc.

Anonymous said...

Yep. PETA screams at everyone else about animal rights and I find if funny that those that yell the loudest usually have something to hide. Shame on Peta. Shame on Bob.

Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

I want to come back as Bob's dog and piss on his leg. I'm with Diane, those that yell the loudest often have something to hide. Thanks for sharing this with us.

ain't for city gals said...

poor doesn't have a clue! Instead of donating to pita or any other we should send your wife $20...more animals would benefit from that instead of sending $1,000 to pita. Just read a long article about how a lot of animal no kill shelters have become a big business...hiding under the name of "no profit"...not all of them but most.

SueAnn Lommler said...

We'll Bob is a real ass! 'Nuff said

Karen said...

oh please, let me know where I can find BOB.

nacherluver said...

That chaps my ass! She sends a simple inquiry and gets a freakin' lecture? A nasty one at that. Nope. That man should not represent ANY company or group as that is NOT how you handle inquiries. Sorry your wife had to be hit with that man's anger. Kudos to you for getting your feathers ruffled on your wife's behalf. God bless her (and you) for rescuing all those lovely animals. I don't know that much about PETA as I don't pay much attention. Any group, organization, corporation that gets too big never seems to be up to much good. I'm more of a local kinda gal who supports her local humane society and rescue groups. Kudos to your wife for caring.

Marilyn said...

Great response. Don't know if this is PETA, but California has been bringing airloads of animals to Oregon (at least two airplanes) because Oregon can usually adopt all the animals in shelters. That is a very low percentage for PETA and one I would not be proud of for their organization.

sharon oler said...

Just this comment, love to you and your wife. While some of us talk, others do! Yes it's true!