Friday, August 30, 2013

A Strange Set of Circumstances

For those of you who follow this blog you may have heard my employer sold it's tug fleet, and all it's NUMBERS, meaning, employees.
Well, they actually didn't sell us's how it went down.

A few weeks ago we got an email stating our tug fleet, which consists of 11, tug and barge units, was sold
to another energy company. A few days after that, 3 representatives from the new company came on our boat, along with 2 representatives from my present company. What did they want?
They both wanted to hire us. 

My current employer stated that, even though they just sold the fleet, they wanted us to join their other fleet, the offshore vessels, or supply boats, that take care of the oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico.
When they got finished talking, the new company representatives began their presentation and informed us that they would like to hire us to continue to work on the boats that they just bought.

I needed a minute for this to sink in.

Were there actually representatives from 2 different companies, standing in our galley, each making a presentation, hoping to hire us? This is the easiest job search I ever did. 
We were told that offers from EACH company would be coming to our house in the coming weeks.

They didn't lie. First, the "new" company package arrives and I read over everything. I wasn't unhappy. 
A week later, my present company package arrives. I read over it. I'm not unhappy.
At this point I'm feeling like Cuba Gooding JR  in a Jerry MaGuire movie.

As I weigh my decision, a package arrives in the mail. 
It's from the new company.
 It's a piece of jewelry.
As the new company waits for an answer to their offer, they send jewelry.
 Get the wife on board, they figure.  

I have a few weeks to decide, there's no rush. I'm a free agent.
Just when I'm about to utter the words, "show me the money", another package arrives at my house.
It's from the new company again.
I'm telling you, they take recruiting to another level.

In this package is a YETI cooler. For those of you who do a lot of fishing or own a boat, you probably know what a YETI cooler is. Comparing a YETI to an IGLOO cooler is like comparing a Jaguar to a Chevy. Big difference. Top of the line.

Anyway, how cool is this? I'm receiving gifts from a company before I am even hired.

So, the deadline came, and I had to make a decision. 
I looked at the new company's CEO and said,
"You had me at YETI"

That last sentence is a lie, I never said that, but I wanted to. And for those who have never seen Jerry Maguire, I apologize for all the references to a movie you did not see.

Anyway, most of us in the fleet chose to go with the new company. Hopefully it works out.
Just a note concerning the perks.

I've said for years, that employers should, every now and then, throw you a bone. "Here, go golfing on us." "Here's a nice bottle of wine to try." Just a little something extra. I think the good will it creates for the employees is payed back 10 fold to the company because of higher morale. 

We've been working for this new company for all of 2 days, and the spirits of the crew has never been higher. It's just the little things. It's not rocket science.

So, thank you for sticking with this long winded rambling post. Below, a treat.

Photos taken from the bow of the boat , 2 days ago 105 miles off the coast of Texas in water that was 800 feet deep.

Have a great weekend.


Donna said...

Good for you! Everyone likes to be courted! Hope things continue to go well with the 'new guys'!

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

Congrats to you and the crew. My sweetie is a recruiter. I doubt seriously they've ever thrown in a Yeti cooler for any candidate in the tech industry, but I'll definitely tell him about it :-)

imquilternity said...


beth said...

you had me at "show me the money" as i love that movie. i mean hey, it's tom cruise and in that movie, he has a heart.

"you had me at hello."

anyhow, CONGRATS to you and your YETI....and thanks for the dolphins. they just made my day !!!

Jerral Miles said...

Sounds like a great job. Are you absolutely sure those guys who came onto your boat offering jobs weren't congressmen? Before you sign anything make sure the new boat isn't headed for Syria...

dcpeg said...

Nice deal! Hope it continues to make you all happy.

The dolphins certainly look like they're loving that sapphire blue water. Wish I was in it with them!

Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

Like my old boss used to say "We're all prostitutes, we might as well get a good price".

It's nice having a choice. I never heard of a yeti cooler, so I looked them up. Yeowzer.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh MY!!! Look at those gorgeous creatures! Best of luck to you. In my reading tonight I've stumbled upon your 'story'! I love the way your seeing those serious (not SO) photos of your girls; gorgeous!!!!
I hope this all turns out in your favor!

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