Sunday, August 11, 2013

Six Things

Let's see, what's been happening......?

We recently had another 2 tons of field stone dumped in our driveway.
We enjoyed at great puttenesta with friends last night.
Built more stone walls around our gardens today.
Watched the end of golfs PGA Championship today.
My company sold their tug boats the other day.
Have come to the conclusion that Kanonkop, from South Africa
makes a darn good wine.

Have a great week folks.


Karen said...

Um.. how does the sale of those boats affect you?

Joey said...

Ummm - your company sold their tug boats??? And that means what for you???

beth said...

oh no, wait....are you a list guy? like for real?

Formerly known as Frau said...

Love the lists! Sums things up pretty good! Have a great week!

dcpeg said...

. . . hope you know how to tread water! What does it mean that your boat was sold? Is your company buying new ones?

Marilyn said...

I wondered the same question that Karen asked, does the sale of the tugboats affect your job?

Jerral Miles said...

Where can I get some... the Kanonkop?