Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Finucane Games- 2014

The organizers of the 2014 World Cup are not happy. The world will come together in 10 days to watch long soccer matches with very low scoring on TV and they barely get a headline in the paper. On ESPN the World Cup is mentioned as an after thought. "It was just bad timing," said Chock Vendier, the scheduler for the powerful French team. We can't go up against the "Finucane Games" and expect to get any coverage.

The 2014 Finucane Games, held again in Mechanicsburg, PA, went off without a hitch. I noticed Chock Vendier was in attendance. Yeah, he was taking notes.

Before the competition began and while we were all on speaking terms, we gathered for a group photo.
While there was some "inner circle" unrest this year and some protestors holding signs that read,
"NO GAMES - NO GAMES", it was a beautiful day for some spirited competition.

 As the Bocce competition began, I couldn't help but notice the different styles.

This is a good one........

This one is not.

 This is perfect, look at the release .......

Here he lost focus.
Everyone in the photo is confused. Why is he throwing the ball straight up?

My sister has obviously been studying tape since the last Games, her form is flawless. Her concentration while tossing, has been compared to the concentration of one Lebron James. It was impressive,

 My daughter.....not so much.

But this one is much better...

As the games were coming to an end, an official protest was submitted to the "committee" stating that my hat was too big and was a distraction to the other contestants.

My blue ball, obviously the closest, was disqualified, because of the floppy hat.

After halftime of the games, we all waited anxiously for the main event.
Two of the most popular competitors arrived from their locker room.
Don't let those sweet smiles fool you. They're warriors I tell you.

Like all smart competitors, they fueled their bodies before the races began.

This one is visualizing her race that is to come.

Finally, the sprint races began.

Then the walking race

and the shooting competition.

But finally it was time for the most popular competition of the games.

That's right...


The true spirit of the Finucane Games was on display when one competitor stopped to help a fallen athlete.

Until next year......


Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

Riveting, in-depth journalism, I know Sports Illustrated will be calling you for your story and photos.

Seriously, very cool photos that you will cherish for years.

Susie said...

Mark, I absolutely loved this post. All the contestants appear to be having fun at the same time of competing. The winners seem to be the bubble team. Kudos to the contestants. Oh yes, that hat hides your face, it's gotta go. Blessings to the families , all your loved ones. xoxo,Susie

Erin Taylor said...

Love this Mark!!

Karen said...

I was there covering the events but the crowd was so thick I wasn't able to catch your attention. I must tell you I found the hat to be a bit distracting and the thought had occured to me that one might have an advantage when wearing such a hat because the air lift benefit could quite possibly propel the ball in hand even further with less effort by the athlete, therein giving you the advantage. I'm glad the athlete in question was called out on the practice and perhaps will be discouraged from the practice during the next Finucane games.

beth said...

OMG…you make me laugh right out loud!!!

the one photo with the ball going straight up and the top of his hand facing the sky…

well that's the correct form if you do it the way the men play this game in florida….just saying.

love the hat….well, kind of :)

Marilyn said...

I love seeing the return of your Finucane Games for 2014! It just makes me smile, especially the commentary.

Busy Bee Suz said...

This is so darn sweet…..and funny as heck. What a great family tradition!!