Friday, September 12, 2014

First round knock out.

Nothing unblocks my writers block like a good left hook to the face. I mean really, have you followed this Ray Rice story at all?

For those who haven't, Ray Rice is/was employed by the National Football League. The employees of that league are high testosteroned, highly motivated world class athletes. Ray Rice was one such employee.

His employment ended the other day when a video surfaced of Ray, throwing a left hook that would make Mike Tyson proud, into the face of his then fiancé and dropping her like a rock. You would think that that would have ended that relationship, right? You would be wrong if that's what you thought. She is now his wife.

Anyway, when this story broke a couple of months ago, all the video showed was Ray, dragging his wife's still unconscious form out of the elevator and into the hall way. He was given a 2 game suspension by the league commissioner. People went bonkers. Women's groups had a meltdown.

More recently, the whole video was released, showing us all  why this woman was unconscious when we saw her in video #1. She was punched in the face by a professional athlete!! This came as no surprise to me. It was reported that the couple was have a "spat" that evening. I was pretty sure she wasn't napping when her lifeless looking form was dragged unceremoniously across the threshold of the elevator. So now, Mr. commissioner of the NFL is all indignant and suspends the player INDEFINITELY!

Here's the curious and disconcerting thing about this. The commissioner SAW THE WHOLE VIDEO at the time he suspended him 2 games. It wasn't until the public saw the video that he acted, handing out a more sensible punishment. The commissioner has been everywhere on TV saying he did not know the extent of the disturbance. This has been going on for weeks. Four different sources, one being the Associated Press says the commish knew all about this back in April. Hey Mr. commissioner, lier lier, pants on fire. He better get his resume in order, because women's groups are now like lions looking at a piece of raw meat. They're hungry. God bless the women because most of the males are acting like idiots. For instance, while interviewing his former teammates they all sounded the same, "We support Ray and his wife, he's my friend, I'm there for him...."BLA_BLA_BLA.

Guess what, if a friend of mine cold cocks his fiancé, game over folks. He is no longer my friend. You support your friends in many situations, financial crisis, drinking problem, went back to drugs, whatever. Someone, any male that punches a woman in the face, gets no support from me. I wanted to hear one of his teammates say something like, "I thought I knew him, I can't believe he did that. How could he? I'd like to punch him in the face myself." You know, anything like that. But I haven't heard that or anything close to that by ANYONE. It just blows me away.

The Baltimore Ravens, the team he played for, was told by Ray Rice himself. When this story first broke, he told his bosses he got in an argument with his fiancé
 and punched her. Why didn't they immediately fire him? Cut him from the team? Where were their morals?

Some women are still wearing Ray Rice team jerseys. That surprises me.

Yesterday Ray said, "I am in good spirits and I'm staying strong for my wife."



Formerly known as Frau said...

It's sickening really that anyone would stand by this man.....but than again look at Michael Vick! I can't believe she married him....well I'm not surprised but did she really think he'd change?

NanaDiana said...

I don't know which idiot in this debacle is the worst one. It is just sickening all the way around. Apparently, his wife's self worth and value is such that she "needs" him more than she respects herself. I feel sorry for her.

Thanks - I did NOT know that the coach had seen the video until the news broke about it. That figures!

Marilyn said...

Well said! Staying strong for his wife? What! Why is his wife even married to him, money?