Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I loose, even when I win.

The Philadelphia Eagles, my hometown football team, have the Philly fans all stirred up and talking Super Bowl ( pa-lease ).
You see, they brought in a new coach who has a new gimmick, I mean system and new training ideas.
Ok, great.

His system is a fast moving offense that does not huddle, they just get back up to line and run another play right away. Chip Kelly, the coach, figures that whoever runs the most plays has a better chance to win. 
He monitors the players sleep habits, not with curfew checks but with sleep monitors on their body's when they go nite-nite. After every practice, each player gives him a urine sample so he can see if they are properly hydrated. Just let me say this, Vince Lombardi is doing back flips in his grave.

After having been a rabid Eagles fan for all of my life, I'm tired. I'm almost 60, so assuming I came out of the womb singing the Eagles fight song, I have been disappointed 60 times. They have never won a Super Bowl. They came close a few times. I just don't believe that our quarterback, whose name escapes me most days will be the one to bring this city a Super Bowl. I have accepted the fact that I will probably live the rest of my life without ever seeing a parade down Broad Street.

So, I'm just refusing to get swept up in this new wave craziness, but not everyone  feels like I do.
My brother, for example, is driving the Super Bowl bus. 

So, last night, the Eagles played on Monday night. Big national audience. I am grateful I am on the boat and away from Philly so I wouldn't have to experience the euphoria that surely was taking place on our Sports Talk radio station. When the game started, my brother and I texted back and forth, each of us with a good measure of sarcasm thrown in.  As the game went, the Indianapolis Colts took a commanding lead and I was busy loading up my notebook with sarcastic shots I was sure I would be using when the game ended.

I sat in front of my computer and watched as the Eagles made a comeback. I was sticking needles in my eyes when with 3 seconds left in the game, which was tied, the Eagles kicker calmly booted one right threw the goal posts for a win.

I just can't win.


Joey said...

My husband feels your pain - he's a life long Minnesota fan. :(

But he never misses an opportunity to break stones of his good friend the Eagles fan...

Formerly known as Frau said...

I hear you ...the Buffalo fans are all on a high like the bills are in first place...hello its game two and do I need to remind you when the last time the Bills actually had a winning season...Happy Sunday!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I hope it gets better for you.
Wait, was this entire post about football? And I read it all?