Monday, October 13, 2014

Snapshots of Dublin, Ireland

My daughter outside of O'Donoghues

My wife and Matt perusing some local artwork.


Dublin Castle

Erin + Dublin + Latte = deliriously happy !!

Erin standing by the Arch on campus of Trinity College where she attended Grad School.

Ok, my last name is Finucane.
I have a brother named Pat who is alive and well.
 But when I saw this bench on the campus of Trinity, I just had to take a photo.
This Pat Finucane, not my Pat Finucane, attended Trinity College.
As you can see from the dates, he lived a short life.
That's because he was shot 14 times by Loyalist in Northern Ireland,
as he sat eating dinner with his family during the "Troubles".

Anyway, lets move on.

Below, Erin and Matt having a strategy meeting concerning the next days itinerary.
Pictured on the table is a Bulmers, an empty Guinness, a full Guinness and a hot whiskey. Looks like a productive meeting.


beth said...

wow…your trip looks like it was just amazing. life changing perhaps? i always want to believe that big things are life changing…sometimes even little things are bigger life changers, but you know what i mean.

your daughter is such a doll!!! and happiness just pours out of her :)

nacherluver said...


Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

There are way more that 'snapshots'! Thanks for sharing, these are awesome.

Joey said...

I don't have much interest in traveling overseas but Ireland is on my bucket list -slurpping oysters on the half from Galway Bay if you must know - LOL...(because that's what a hot star on my fav soap opera - oh like 30 years ago - did as a surprise for his love interest and of course now I have to do it!)

But most important - the coffee???? Swoon!!!!