Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Polar Vortex.....AHHHHHH

I spent this beautiful 68 degree day chasing leaves around my yard.

( Note to self )
When the wind is blowing 15 MPH
just let nature take it's course.

is heading my way
I felt it prudent to relocate some wood
from here.... here, inside the garage.

I felt that with the POLAR VORTEX (AHHHHHHHH)
coming my way
I didn't want to be walking the 20 steps
out to our wood pile
in the middle of a POLAR VORTEX (AHHHHHHHHH)

I'm not sure what a POLAR VORTEX ( AHHHHHHH) IS
but I have a feeling it's going to get cold.

I love, I mean hate how these news stations
have these scary phrases i.e.

If I remember correctly
when I was a child
in the winter time
it got cold.

In the summer
it got really hot.

I don't remember being scared when I was a child and ducking behind my sofa

I believe the weather man 
used to say
"it's going to be cold the next few days."
That was before the weather men
turned into 
Now, the POLAR VORTEX is coming.

It hasn't come as of this writing.
My day ended with this sight.

And yes, the birds are still feeding
even though


Denise at Autumn Sky said...

Well, I for one would be scared as hell and would take heed of all the warnings. The worst thing would be if the internet went down and I had absolutely nothing to do inside and couldn't go outside.

Barbara/myth maker said...

Your post made me smile. Oh so true. I, too, am awaiting this Polar Vortex... sounds like science fiction to me. Lovely pictures.

Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

LOL, Maybe Al Gore invented meteorological term when he wasn't creating the internet.

Joey said...

I don't watch the weather anymore cuz they're jerks but it IS on in the house as I go about my morning or evening and I swear the "polar vortex" has been coming since 9 days ago and I keep thinking it's going to be cold and I can't hike or run in the the "polar vortex". And then I FINALLY go out around 2 when the busy part of my day resumes and WTFFFFFF?????? It's 65 out. And it's like Charlie Brown and Lucy!!! Every day since Friday - I have fallen for the "Polar VORTEX CRAPPPPPPPPP" So now that this dumb blonde has finally figured this out - THE POLAR VORTEX IS COMING!!!!!!

Marilyn said...

I bet that Polar Vortex has hit by now. Stay warm there with that wood nearby. Don't let that Polar Vortex get you down. We had a touch of it, but now it is suppose to warm up and rain, typical weather for the PNW.

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