Sunday, October 26, 2014

Some Observations, Thoughts and Poetry

 Some observations:
The photo above is a picture I took in Ireland of some crab pots sitting on the dock.
It has absolutely nothing to do with anything in this post.
I just like em.

I dropped my camera a few weeks back and broke my lens.
So I came back to work armed only with my smart phone camera.
I know there are many people who just swear by the iPhone.
After spending the last few weeks on the boat using my phone.......sorry people,
NOT EVEN CLOSE. I want my camera back.

I saw Monica Lewinsky recently on TV giving a speech.
Why are her lips moving and what is she saying?

I called Sprint customer service the other day. I was put on hold.
For 18 minutes  I listened to a recording that said in part, "We value your time...."
Imagine my frustration every time that recording repeated itself.

The longer my hair gets....the bigger my forehead gets. It grows up !
First thing on my to do list when I get home?

I spent some time recently in this bookshop. I like book stores. Especially old ones.
I bought a biography of Patrick Kavanagh. Previous to me entering the bookshop I had never heard of him. What he was, was an Irish writer/poet/journalist.
He gathered with other Irish poets in coffee shops and pubs in the early 1900's.
His life, like many Irish citizens during that time, was not easy. I'm finding the book pretty darn enjoyable. 

Anyway, you know what's coming don't you? That's write, a poem. From me. After reading about a poet for the last 2 weeks, I'm getting my poem on right now. 

This poem, my first, is about my visit to my Grandmothers house, or what's left of it, in Newmarket, County Cork.


"I arrived at her gate
I made no mistake

Did Grandma jump this rusted steel
as she headed  to Queenstown
to make a deal?

How did she get to
that dock and that ship?
Did she travel alone
was she scared just a bit?

I jumped that same gate
all rusted and worn
what was I feeling
I was a bit torn.

So glad to be here
so sad at the state
of this crumbling ruin
of grandma's estate.

I stood in her kitchen
what decisions were made here
Is this where Mary bid farewell 
that much isn't clear.

Did grandma look out
this same window pane
She was only a child
did she feel any pain?

Walking the grounds
and touching the walls
not a peace but a calm
I'm sure glad I called.

So farewell Mary Shine
and rock and rubble 
I'll be back to be sure
It's really no trouble."

Ok, it does sound a bit more Doctor Seuss than W B Yeats.


Jerral Miles said...

Patrick Kavanagh would approve and admire... as I do. Don't stop!

Marilyn said...

Well I just love Dr. Seuss. Have heard of Patrick Kavanagh, but not sure I have read his poems. Liked your poem and could picture you standing in the house you shared with us.
Sorry about the camera. I dropped mine on Sunday but it was in mud, so was able to clean it. What a mess. I hate dropping cameras, just not a good thing.

Joey said...

You had me at "ahem"! Can you say CRACKED UP LAUGH OUT LOUD FUNNY?

AND! LOL to the Dr. Suess comment!!! I thought it was a GREAT poem! You're poet and didn't know it!

sharon oler said...

Still enjoying your blog! Keep up the good work!
It's not about numbers but that's pretty funny!
Loving touring Irland with you and your wife!

Cait Throop said...

I love Dr. Seuss!!! AND your poem!

beth said...

but i like dr, seuss, so i thought it was great...the book and your poem writing, well it sounds like fate.

and no camera…i understand your pain!!