Monday, March 16, 2009

Irish all year long

Tomorrow is St Patrick's Day and I didn't want it to slip by without a mention. It is the one day of the year when everyone is Irish, or so the saying goes.

As you can see from this photo that was taken during the summer, I don't wait for the anniversary of St Patrick's death to have a taste of Guiness. I'm Irish all year.

With St Paddy's Day just hours away, I can't help but think of my only trip to Ireland when my wife and I visited my daughter who was attending Trinity College for Grad school a few years ago. We traveled around the country and just had the best time soaking up Irish History and the beautiful landscape, and sampling a Guiness or two.

Now, I hate to be a name dropper and my daughter will cringe when she reads this, but yes, that's right, we met, and had a Guiness with Bono. Yep, that Bono. Humanitarian Bono. Cool singer of U2 Bono. I wasn't in Ireland for 6 hours yet, and I was partying with the man. I felt like belting out a little "Beautiful Day", but my family wouldn't let me.

Near the end of our 10 day trip we found ourselves in a bar, (It's Ireland for heavens sake) run by Billy Keane, the son of famous Irish writer John B Keane. His local friends who were there couldn't have been nicer, and by the end of the night we were taking pictures behind the bar with Billy Keane, who is an accomplished writer himself. It was just the best trip.

So, St Patrick's Day, which began as a Religous Holiday, has turned into Guiness bonding love fest for anyone who wants to be Irish for a day. I always say, the more the merrier.

So for all you Irishmen, real or make believe, I leave you with this.

May your blessings outnumber the Shamrocks that grow, and may trouble avoid you where ever you go.

Happy St Patrick's Day

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Anonymous said...

Wow Bono, that must have been quite exciting. I have never been to Ireland. Hopefully one day though. Both of Dylans paternal Grandparents are from Ireland :-)