Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I was in the mood for Italian

As I was walking around Rome, Italy the other day…..oh, did I mention I was in Rome? Oh yeah, we had a free weekend and thought we’d bop across the pond to check out the Vatican and other popular sights.

Actually, it was a trip planned for quite a while, the object being to rendezvous with my studying abroad art student daughter Keely. It was a success.

Our flight from Philadelphia arrived at Rome about 8:30 am, so my wife and I had the day to kill before our planned meeting with Keely that evening at her apartment in Trastevere, which is walking distance to the Vatican, the Coliseum and other popular sights. We walked around taking in the sights, grabbing a piece of pizza on the move and around sunset we settled into a café directly across from Keely’s perfectly located apartment on Piazza Trilussa ( see photo )waiting to surprise her as she came home from class.

It turned out I was the one surprised. As daylight faded we sat at an outside table sipping a nice house red wine, watching the people walk by keeping an eye out for Keely.

As the evening air cooled we sat like cops on a stakeout, searching every face that walked by. Suddenly I noticed a figure in the window of her apartment. Staring intently it dawned on me it was my daughter combing her hair. I said to Mary Ellen, “I think that’s Keely.” She followed my gaze and in a second was prancing across the street, waving her arms and yelling her name. I just sat at the table. Someone had to guard the wine.

A few moments later Keely was with us in the café. She’d been gone from home for about a month and a half. It was good to see her. We ordered another house red, as we planned our strategy for the upcoming week.

I think I’ll post a few thoughts of our trip in Rome, Venice and Tuscany in the coming days. But I must mention two things first.

If you want a great glass of red wine, order the house red, anywhere in Italy.

If you want a good piece of pizza, go to your local Pizza Hut. Italy just doesn’t have a handle on making pizza. Go figure.

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dcpeg said...

What a treat to visit your baby girl in ROME!! Hope you all have a marvelous time. The piazza she lives on looks lovely, if a little over-populated with cars.

P.S. You're so right about pizza. Egyptian pizza places don't get it either. One my sister and I ordered I swear was made with yellow squash rather than tomatoes. Talk about a letdown!!