Friday, November 13, 2009

Should have gone weatherbound

Our boat has been anchored in the Delaware River for the last few days, because there has been an awful storm of the East Coast, the wave height a direct result of hurricane Ida.
If money wasn't such a motivating factor, all tug and barges would have holed up in some safe out of the way place instead of battling 18 and 20 foot seas for days on end.
But some companies feel the risk is worth taking. Maybe after this they will change their mind.
I will bet a years salary that before that tug left San Juan, the captain of that tug had many a phone call with his superiors. They were, Im sure, telling him to get underway. He in turn, was telling that the weather forcast is terrible and that he should not leave port for a few days.
With the economy the way it is, and believe me it has affected our industry as much as any,and the job market the way it is, the captain of that tug left port for only one reason, he likes his job.
The Captain of my tug has been having those same conversations with our superiors. They want us to leave, our Captain says no way. So we sit, unlike the Crowley barge, in a safe harbor, not on the beach, in Virginia Beach.

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dcpeg said...

When I saw pictures of that barge on the news, I thought about you guys on your tug. Glad you waited it out. That storm was a humdinger and will make the history books!