Saturday, November 14, 2009

A picture is worth a thousand words

I thought I'd speak today about a more serious subject. That's right, you guessed it, my profile picture.
As I weave my way around the blog world and Facebook, I've noticed that many people, unlike myself, have put some time into what picture they use for their profile picture.
I look at some profile pictures and get an instant feeling of serenity. Others project a confident but not over bearing look, still others, joy. Mine seems to project Nascar Bud Light drinking man.
Today, that all changes. Profile photos are the first impression. I'm beginning to wonder if it is because of my picture that I only have 5 blogging followers, and my Facebook wall looks like a piece of new canvas...BLANK.
My brother has a really cool picture. He looks relaxed, as if he just met the deadline at the Washington Post for a front page story. I thought I'd try that.

Nah, I just can't pull it off like he can.
My cousin, on the other hand, has a great picture, very contemplative, almost looks like the sculpture, "The Thinker"
That definitely doesn't work. I look like I'm sleeping.
Some people looked bothered, like, "do I really have to post a picture?"
I think I pull that off pretty well. I'm bothered alot.

Alot of people have humorous pictures, but this doesn't work either. Not so funny.
My niece has a great picture. She's on a beach holding her baby, just oozing happy, like only a new mom can. I can't ooze happy right now, I'm on a boat with 6 other dudes! I thought this studious look might work.
Nah. I'll just keep the one I have.
Upon rereading this post, I've determined it really is time for me to go home.


Janney said...

HAHA... crack up!

dcpeg said...

Nice tries, but stick with the red-cap one.

I'm proud of you for being brave enough to let strangers see you as you look now. I'm not!! I'd rather remain anonymous as long as possible. Just don't love my gray hair and multiple chins. . . *sigh*

Mark said...

Is it that bad, that i have to be brave, to let them see me? Hope I didn't scare anyone.
As my Dad used to say, the camera only takes what it sees.

dcpeg said...

No, no, no! You're a fine looking gentleman. It's just that I'd rather not expose myself to people I don't know.

In my youth, I had two stalkers, one who never showed his face, but watched me every day and got my work number so he could call to comment on how I looked -- very creepy!! I'm also a little paranoid about having my picture taken when I don't know it's happening! I don't want my fat butt showing up in someone else's blog! ;-}

beth said... hubby and I are sitting here with tears in our eyes having laughed so hard at this post...

it's the best one I've seen in a long time !!

to be honest....I like the nascar bud light drinking photo....seriously, it's the best !

.kat. said...

Ha!Ha! I love this. I think
everyone has a moment of panic
when trying to decide what pic
to put up on their profile. I
just wanted one that made me
look thinner. Ha!