Monday, November 16, 2009


The Delaware River has been in a cyclical pattern, since I started working on her waters 36 years ago, concerning cleanliness.

In 1973 the river George Washington crossed was pretty much a dumping ground. Stricter rules and regulations for Companies, who call the banks of the river home, have made a marked difference in the quality of the water.

It seems the playgrounds of Philly should follow their example. There were so many water bottles and tennis balls floating next to our tug the other day, I thought I was at the French Open.

The picture above is why I miss the waters of St. Croix


dcpeg said...

Eeeeuuw! That IS gross! Do you think recent the recent nor'easter might have contributed to that? I haven't been to Hains Point recently, but wouldn't be surprised if the Potomac resembles your pic.

Aaaah -- the sapphire blue waters off St. Croix and all the other Virgins! Splashing water looks like diamonds down that way - sigh.

Mark said...

I couldn't have said it any better. I dont think the storm is the reason, I've seen alot of this lately.