Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It's Sarah Again.

Sarah Palin made news again, by complaining. Newsweek has her on the cover again. Must be a slow news week.
Darling Sarah is complaining that the picture, which she took for a Runners World article, and she agreed was just a lovely picture, is sexist. Oh please.
She has a pair of unattractive shorts on and a shirt that she borrowed from someone twice her height.
Maybe giving yourself just a little too much credit?
When she was prancing around the country in some drop dead gorgeous outfits during her run for the Vice Presidency, she wasn't playing the sex card?
Half the votes she got were probably from side arm toting men who couldn't spell Republican, before she started climbing up on stage in 4 inch heals, to talk at Town Meetings.
She should be thanking Newsweek for extending her 15 minutes of fame.


Anonymous said...

LOL loved the comment about them not being able to spell Republican ;-)

dcpeg said...

Oooo -- are we just a little bent out of shape over Sarah? Me, too!!

I wish she would just take her family into the wilds of Alaska, kill and eat all the bears they can handle and leave the rest of us alone!!

She's an embarrassment to womankind!

P.S. my word verification is "glert". Sounds like something Sarah would say! ;-)