Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Always learning

I was talking with a couple of guys on the boat tonight, and we were sharing different things about our families. During that conversation, it became apparent to me, that each one of my kids inspires me in their own little way. I didn't even really realize it, or maybe I did. Anyway, that's pretty cool.
(I can hear the murmurings now. Another proud Dad talking about his perfect kids.)
Don't get me wrong, they're not perfect, believe me. I have pictures!
That's another post for another day.
My oldest Erin, Is the Global Partnerships and Outreach Officer at the Global Network. All they do is save lives. (See the top two headings under my "search this Blog" )
I have become much more politically aware and active over the years, much to the chagrin of my State Representatives and Senators, as a direct result of Erins political activity.
Bryn, my middle Daughter, just graduated from college and is teaching Spanish lll in an all boys High School. The little,ah, very little Spanish I know I learned on a boat from my Puerto Rican friends. I speak Puerto Rican slang, and Bryn is quite patient with me when I try to impress her at the dinner table. She usually rolls her eyes or giggles, but she helps me when I ask. I want to learn more, because of her.
Keely, she's my art student. I have no idea where she got the interest or the talent, it sure wasn't from me. I think my wife scribbled a cat once, maybe it's from her side. Not only do I not have talent, I had even less interest, that is, until Keely got involved with it. 10 years ago you could have taken me to the Louvre and I would have spent my time looking for the concession stand. Since Keely has opened the art world up to me, I find any museum, anywhere, worth going to.
Keely gave me some drawling pencils to take back to work and I had a drawling for beginners type book. I actually now have a portfolio. Actually its a file folder with three pencil drawlings in it.
I'd show them to you, but as Keely says to me every time she shows me a painting, that looks quite finished to me, "I'm still working on it, not real happy with it yet."
I must say,I do have a still pencil drawling of an apple that rocks!


dcpeg said...

You are one lucky man, Mark! I think it's wonderful how parents in our age group are now "allowed" to learn from their kids. MY parents didn't see it that way very often. THEY were supposed to be the teachers.

Artistic talent runs rampant in my family, but somehow the virus skipped me! My niece insists I can draw and I've tried. Once, I drew what was around a chair rather than the chair itself - interesting exercise, but . . .

Photograpy is something new for me, too. I'm not as good at carrying around my Canon Power Shot, but I'm giving it a go. You may have noticed I love sunsets and try to capture them digitally.

Keep on stretching your artistic muscle! It can't hurt and might even help. If it makes you happy, all the better!

beth said...

I'm not sure who is more blessed....your children or you...

you and your wife have "done good" because those kids sound fabulous !