Sunday, November 22, 2009

Turkey Day

Oh yeah, Turkey Day is just around the corner. Like most people, we're planning our dinner, unlike a lot of people, there won't be a bird on our table.
Vegetarian you know?
Don't fret. We actually will have more to eat than lettuce leaves and beans, but that's a story for another time. I'm not really sure what the menu is for this year, except for the desert. Ready to be gobbled will be an apple pie, a pumpkin pie, and a cheesecake. Negotiations are still underway for the Pecan pie. I think we can wear Mary Ellen down. She's very easy.
Thanksgiving, a holiday celebrated mainly in the U.S.,traditionally is a time to give thanks for the harvest and express gratitude in general. It is a day usually built around one thing, the meal.
In my mind, the meal is just the excuse to gather with family or friends, or both. It doesn't really matter what the menu is.
While visiting my daughter in Italy recently, we had a spur of the moment meal, that was just as satisfying, physically as well as personally.
While driving through Italy's beautiful countryside, it was time to eat. We popped into a little side shop and found all the fixings we needed for an impromptu picnic. One benefit of living in a vegetarian household is, we are notoriously great grazers. We can walk into a hardware store and come out with a meal fit for a king.
We found a picturesque little spot, and my wife,my daughter and I had one of the best meals ever.
While picking out our picnic supplies of fresh bread, cheese, pesto and olives, my wife picked up a bottle of wine and looked at me questioningly.
I said, absolutely, "when in Rome......."
You know the saying "the best things sometimes come in small packages," well, I found that to be true.


Frau said...

We were in Italy a month ago and the food!! The wine....I loved it. Happy Thanksgiving!

slommler said...

Yes the meal is the the traditions too! We will have turkey (sorry about that). A ginormous one!! Lots of mouths to feed.
Happy Thanksgiving!

beth said...

I agree...the food is just an extra as it really does bring family and friends together....

but I didn't even know you were a vegetarian...was that in the small print somewhere on your blog...or maybe you wrote about it on a day I was sleeping....

anyhow...we will be having the whole turkey and everything anyone could possibly want with it....burp

I hope you have a terrific time with your loved ones !

dcpeg said...

Hmmm - have to look differently when I'm in the hardware store. Never tasted bolts or polypropalene (or however it's spelled).

You're so right about the meal being an excuse. However, some families get so nervous about the menu planning and trying to maintain traditions held by blended families. In my family, it's a high-stress event, as is Christmas dinner! Maybe we should abandon tradition and all go vegetarian . . .!

Hope all your girls get home for the holiday! Enjoy!!

Alison said...

I'm sure your vegetarian Thanksgiving will be every bit as good as those with a Turkey! (Well, personally I'd go for the turkey, but....)We don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in New Zealand, but the big family time is Christmas, where we eat ourselves silly, having cooked a big hot meal in the heat beforehand. Crazy! But it's about being with family and good people. We then fall asleep!

Mark said...

I hope all my turkey eating friends have a great holiday, and a moist turkey.