Saturday, November 21, 2009

Now I feel pressure

I feel like a newly elected Congressman getting a "shout out" on the Senate floor from Ted Kennedy.
( I know he is.)
I feel like a part time wedding singer feeling the love from Beyonce, at the MTV music awards.
Imagine the Pope announcing to the crowd in St Peters Square, while pointing at the newly ordained Priest, "You gotta go hear this Priests sermon."
Imagine Bob Dylan walking up to a young guitar player after his set at the local pub, and saying, "You sound pretty good kid."
When Johnnie Carson would invite the first time comedian to come over and sit down, after his set, his career would instantly be on the rise.
Imagine having a story written about you, on the front page of the Wall Street Journal.
I can.
Beth just gave me a front page shout out, and my readership doubled in one day.
The power that woman has is scary.


beth said...

a little pressure is good don't you think...besides, you're a great writer whose humor makes us all laugh and the more of that we get these days, the better !

and scary, you have no idea how scary I've heard me talk about my hair :)

Alison said...

Yes, she influenced me to hop across and check out your blog, and I've just added it to my favourites! Best wishes from New Zealand, Mark!

dogfaeriex5 said...

hey beth is one of my good friends and if she said to check you out, you check it out!!! ~kim

Janney said...

Congratualations! Your blog is great!

Frau said...

No pressure...Mark! We are in the same boat...well not your kind of boat but blogging boat! Have a wonderful Sunday!

slommler said...

Oh a little pressure is always good. Especially for a writer. Just had to check you out. She gave you such high praise. So far, I am not disappointed!

Relyn said...

Here's another hello from Beth. I hadn't thought to describe Beth that way, but your right. That wonderful, jump-full woman has POWER!

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Hi there Mark, just read Beth's post about you and promised to check this beer drinking happy dude out. So here I am. And you have a way of writing that makes me laugh. So you are a happy chap.

And yea you're right about Beth, she's great, wonderful, powerful and so much more all at the same time. Luv her too. Still learning lots from her way of taking pics. And make ordinary things look special.

I'll stop by more to read your stories and look at the mistery you revealed from you Canon.
See you around, Dagmar