Monday, December 14, 2009

Holiday Binge

A couple New York Harbor locals stopped by while I was standing on the stern, talking to my wife. I mentioned to her this big honkin bird just touched down.
She said I should feed them.
Take a look at the size of this guy.
He's as big as a damn turkey. I think the last thing he needs is more food.
Actually, it looks like he just finished eating.


Marilyn said...

Those are big gulls! What do you call them?

Naughty, shaking your box under the tree, but so typical for us all. Funny Charlie Brown tree.

Thanks for your comments at Delights of the Heart today.

Anonymous said...

I'm always amazed at just how big seagulls are when I visit the coast.

slommler said...

Wowzers!! They are huge...I wouldn't be feeding them either!!

Frau said...

They are huge, I think you are right they have had enough!Cool shot!

dcpeg said...

Do not -- I repeat -- do not feed the gulls! I surprised myself not long ago by grabbing one by its wing when it attacked a baby duck in the reflecting pool. They are nasty, rude birds! Loved your series of pictures, tho. . . It could be titled "The Sea Gull that ate New York City."

Alison said...

Great photos! But nah - you don't need these birds as friends! Don't feed them! :-)