Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Special delivery

I didn't sleep very well last night.
I'm getting something special for Christmas, and I already know what it is.
That's why I can't sleep.
I also know it is on it's way to my house today, and I couldn't stop thinking about it.
I kept calling home to check on it's arrival.
My wife said she would go pick it up personally. That made me feel better, for a minute, then, what if my wife gets lost?
I wanted to be home when the package arrived, but that's not to be.
I guess it's normal for me to worry, what if the package missed the flight?
I've been waiting for it to arrive for 3 1/2 months.
My wife drove 2 and 1/2 hours to meet it, she said she'd call me when she got it.
Hours went by and I hadn't heard from her. I called her. When she answered, I asked her how she was making out?
She excitedly said, "I have her!"
And then, a moment later, "Hi Daddy"
Three months of "Dad worrying" tension dissipated into thin air.
My youngest, Keely, had just arrived at the airport in DC after doing a 3 month stint in Italy, participating in her schools semester abroad program.( I know, tough duty.)
She is now safely at home. Merry Christmas to me.

My middle daughter Bryn will see her when she gets home tonight, and my oldest Erin will be around this weekend to give her one of her smothering hugs.
Christmas Day will be as it should be, for now.
All 3 knuckleheads home.

Life is good, it should be a great Christmas. Mary Ellen did good getting the package today, she's happy.
And you know what they say, "Happy wife, happy life."I'll be the only one missing, but that's ok. I'll get a play by play via cell phone on Christmas morning.
I'll sleep good tonight.


Marilyn said...

Wonderful to hear they will all be together. I hope you will be able to join them soon after to celebrate together.

Yes, the cathedrals in Europe are amazing.

Frau said...

Best Christmas gift ever! Mark I don't know how you do it being away from all your girls! You certainly have a beautiful bunch.Sleep well!

Alison said...

A lovely post, and what beautiful women you have in your life. :-)

slommler said...

Gorgeous women in your life Mark!! And I am glad all your "packages" made it home safely!
Merry Christmas and Hugs

nacherluver said...

How lucky! Three girls. I always wanted a sister.
Your daughters are beautiful (as is their mother). Sounds like you're a good (and lucky) dad!
Merry Christmas!

dcpeg said...

Aaaaw . . . Merry Christmas, indeed!! Hope you can be with them when 2010 arrives! You are one lucky guy and the best thing is that you know it!!

beth said...

what a great story...what an amazing gift !

my dad is the proud owner of three daughters...I'm in the middle and you know what...we're his knuckleheads too :)