Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The music's in me

Today we're at anchor, again. I thought I'd take this opportunity while our main engines are quiet, to take care of some uncomplicated but necessary tasks that I've been putting off.
I got the ole MP3 player out ( no, no Ipod yet ) and plugged in the earphones. Why not listen to a little of that rock and roll, I thought?

My player has a variety of different music on it, but since I grew up in the early 70's, rock and roll is usually the music of choice. I was a big fan of the British Invasion. As I worked on my engines, my ears were filled with the sounds of Led Zepplin, The Who and The Stones. Not a bad way to spend the afternoon.

I was told by one of my children that I was stuck in a musical time warp and that I should expand my horizons. I listened and gave it a try.

I tried dabbling in Jazz, but actually, that music sounds to me like they're all tuning their instruments...for the whole song. I just don't get it. I realize millions of people love Jazz music, and to them I say, enjoy. It's not for me.

My daughter Bryn likes country. I'm still trying to figure that one out. I've sat her down for a good talking to a couple of times, but I still find the radio in the car tuned to Country after she gets out. Kids.

I gave classical music a try and I do enjoy some of it. I've learned that Beethoven was a pretty talented dude.

Salsa and Merengue are my think outside the box choices for music. Love them both. I thought that if I expanded my horizons to NEW rock and roll, that that would count, so I now embrace Pearl jam, The Black Crows, Flogging Molly and Drp Kick Murphys.

Anyway, this afternoon, while in the engine room, right after "Stairway to Heaven" ended, a song came on that was completely different from anything I normally listen to. As I worked on my very manly 4000 horse power diesel engine my foot started tapping to this new song.

I put down my manly tools so I could look at my player to identify this song. It was good. I removed my MP3 from my pocket and looked at the screen.

I immediately experienced a sharp intake of breath as I read the song title.
"Take me or leave me"..........FROM THE MUSICAL RENT! That's right, I was listening to SHOW TUNES for heavens sake. I quickly glanced around, hoping not to be seen, like I was doing something wrong.

What would the crew think if they caught me, while working on the engines, listening to show tunes? And liking it?

After I composed myself, I restarted the song. "I give it a 90 Mr Clark, it has a good beat and you can dance to it."

What a great song. I wanted to throw down my manly crescent wrench, throw my grease covered hands in the air and do high leg kicks. But I refrained. No wonder my daughter Erin loves this stuff so much.

FYI- "Take me out tonight" from the same musical is pretty good, but it doesn't hold a candle to
"Take me or leave me." That song ROCKS

My horizons have been officially expanded.


Hilary said...

Saw the play, was not impressed...but now I have to go back and just listen to that song, maybe I missed something.
I am also glad to know that I am not the only one who "talks" for their cats while blogging.

slommler said...

Show tunes are always fun to listen too! Rent has some good ones. Glad your horizon is being expanded.

Marilyn said...

Expansion is always a good thing.

Frau said...

So funny I can picture you dancing to showtunes! I love Rent it's a great show. Rock n Roll just isn't as good as back in the day! You need an Ipod for Christmas! Holds more plus you can watch movies etc..

dcpeg said...

I'm laughing my rear off here!! You are hilarious! I don't think you'll be confessing to liking show tunes anytime soon, but good for you allowing yourself to. Keep exploring -- there's SO MUCH music out there just waiting to be loved.

Megan said...

No way- Take me out tonight is WAY better than Take me or leave me. I am willing to argue this anytime anyplace!

I of course love any musical but i really enjoy the new "rock musical" style like RENT. How about Moving Out? (All Billy Joel), or the new 80s one that's on Broadway now- all 80s music.