Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Theater

I hate to disagree with someone who took the time to read my blog. I figure it's just bad for business.
Megan writes, that she adamantly disagrees with my view that the song, OK I'll say it, the show tune "Take me or leave me" puts 'Take me out tonight" to shame. Both songs from the musical RENT.
Yeah, I saw it and I'm not ashamed. It's not something I'd volunteer at the galley table with the boys, but, yeah, I saw it.
Anyway, I have inside information that Megan fancies herself quite the expert on musicals. I took this into account and did some more research. With an open mind, I reviewed tonight, both songs. Of course I just didn't throw myself into these show tunes, without first cleansing my musical pallet, so to speak. Like a cleansing between different wines at a wine tasting with crackers, I listened to a little Merengue first, and then jumped into "Take me or leave me."
Yes folks, it's a hands down gold medal winner.
Megan has performed in musicals in the past and frequents shows when she can. You could say she's a fan, but obviously her taste and mine differ when it comes to leg kickin, arm waving show tunes.
If you were to put Megan and my daughter Erin in the same room, they could sing every song in every musical from CATS to BEST LITTLE WHORE HOUSE IN TEXAS.
I'm here to respectfully tell my Niece, I don't care.
I did an open minded review of both songs and, sorry, comparing "Take me or leave me" to that other song you mentioned, is like comparing Tiger Wood's ability to mine. Oops, bad example.
How about, I'm the Uncle and your the Niece.
Uncle wins every time.


slommler said...

ROFL!!!! Yep! Uncle wins!!! And it's your blog!

Megan said...

Lol, you are too funny!

How about a review of your favorite Christmas carols next? I've been singing quite a few lately, and believe it or not one squirmy 6 month old seems to like all except Frosty the Snowman! haha! He cries every time I sing it.

(His favorite showtune is One Short Day in the Emerald City from Wicked)

Mark said...

Megan- That's a no-brainer, "Santa Claus is coming to town" by Bruce Springsteen....end of discussion.