Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Public Service Announcement

I felt compelled to pass this little tip along to all the people who live in cold snowy areas around the world.
I just received the best advice.
As the latest snow storm rocks the North East, we received a communique from our headquarters, which is situated in Loiusiana where the temperature is, well, perfect golfing weather.
The email we received went something like this.
"A winter storm is forecasted for your area. Please dress warmly to ward off frostbite."

I ran out of the wheelhouse with the email in hand and ran up to the deckhand who was shoveling snow in short and flip-flops. "Brad Brad, read this" I said holding the paper in front of his face, the snow flakes cascading down the sheet. "Oh my god, this is great news" he exclaimed before wrapping me in a bearhug and running inside to put on warm cloths.

Wow! Why didn't they tell us this before. I rang the general alarm to share this valuable news with the rest of the crew, then immediately sat here at my computer, to get the word out world wide.

Please share this with your love ones and friends. You'll thank me later


Frau said...

Thank you for sharing this news....I remember when I lived in Utah it would be freezing and snowy, I'd see kids waiting for bus in shorts!! Crazy! Off to put more layers on!

Melinda said...

Captain Obvious strikes again! Whew. Always in the nick of time.

Bull Rhino said...

Don't you love lawyers. That sounds like a CYA from HQ. Funny post. Thanks for sharing.

Scott at World’s Best Photography Blog ;^)

beth said...

do you know that you totally crack me up ?

slommler said...

ROFL!!!! Seriously??!! LOL!! You totally made me laugh out loud!!

dcpeg said...

You truly are a lifesaver, aren't you, Mark! Keep up the good work and you may earn a gold star on your forehead.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mark my friend, I was just teasing about the blog award ;-) I actually didn't mind participating and was honoured that you included me! It's always nice to have an award and our blogs be recognised.


Marilyn said...

Thanks so much for the news.

I played today with the 10 things that make me happy.