Tuesday, February 9, 2010

An Award

I received my first award today from Claire, who was nice enough to pass it along to me. From what I gather, after I tell you 10 things that make me happy, I will pass it along to 10 other people. The problem is this. I don't know how to take the award and put it on my post, so you'll just have to believe that Claire actually gave me one. You can see I'm telling the truth here.
So, 10 things that make me happy,

1) Doing anything with my wife.2) I was going to say the same as #1 but insert 1st child, 2nd child..etc, but I thought that would be cheating, so
2) Anything Irish. Beer, people, music, countryside, setters.

3) Sitting on my couch in front of the fire sipping a nice Malbec wine from Argentina, while it snows outside.

4) My new interest in photography.5) Getting off the boat on crew change day. There is not a better feeling.

6) The fact that my daughter has my dads picture on her bookshelf
7) Finding a great restaurant by accident, like this one that is inside a bookstore in DC.

8) Reading the Sunday paper with a cup of coffee and no plans for the rest of the day.

9) Walking out to my kitchen instead of the galley for my first cup of coffee.
10) How well I pull off this scarf thing.

And now, I would like to pass this award, that no one can see, because it isn't on my blog, to the following lucky campers.



slommler said...

Thank you Mark!! And I love the picture of you in your scarf...very debonair!!
Hugging you

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mark! I don't know whether to kiss you or kick you LOL. Just kidding. Hmm, 10 things that make me happy, I'll ponder that and post within the next few days.


Diahn said...

Thanks, Mark! Great list - I love the fact that your number one thing is spending time with your wife...and you do, indeed, rock the scarf!

I'd love to know the name of that restaurant in the bookstore...combining two of my favorite things (eating and reading) would be fantastic!

beth said...

you do rock that scarf and your wife is very lucky to have you as numero uno in her life....

the photography love and no plans after the sunday morning too !

thanks for the award....I'll try to get my list up within in week...along with being competitive, I'm also a procrastinator.....

yet, I am never late for anything...always 10 minutes early no matter where we're going and always get my work done by the deadline !

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Hey there congrats with your award. I do believe you are an honest man.
Love to read about what make you move. Great shots to see your face.
Till next time Mark.

Marilyn said...

Thanks Mark! You mean I have to tell you some things about myself other than I hate winter? So 10 things that make me happy. I will give it a try tomorrow.

I like the scarf too! Great picture with your wife.

dcpeg said...

Thanks??? you mean I've gotta actually earn the award?

Very good answers, every one of them. Sounds like you lead a happy, rewarding life and appreciate how lucky you are to have a wife and daughters who love you.

I'll see what I can pull together on that "happy list." Being stir-crazy because of the snow may delay it, but I'll try.