Thursday, August 22, 2013


Alex Rodriques, the present day poster child for cheating in baseball, is seeing some serious heat lately, and it's not the heat from a 98 MPH fastball.
The commissioner of Major League Baseball has a bullseye painted squarely on the back of A-Rod, but you wouldn't know it by looking at him.

14 other major league players plead guilty and accepted the punishment put forth by MLB, for their role in using performance enhancing drugs. This all came because of MLB's dumpster diving outside of  Biogenesis, a now out of business anti-aging lab in Florida. Only A-Rod is fighting these claims as he is appealing the 211 game suspension handed down by MLB. As the appeal drags on, Alex can play.

What we have now is a circus. A-Rod has always been a lightening rod for criticism ever since he signed the biggest contract ever in MLB history. He was a great natural talent, the only person who may have the ability to break, naturally,  all of baseballs biggest records, including Hank Aaron's home run record. That has all gone down the tubes now. He will forever be known as the guy who didn't need to cheat, but he did anyway. A-Rod has not been found guilty of cheating in any court of law, but hey, this is just a blog, and the guy is as guilty as OJ.

The scouts who check out the latest baseball phenoms in small parks throughout America, have a scoring system. One to five. The best prospects in the country might score a 4. Alex Rodrigues, while he was young and skinny and didn't know enough to try to cheat, scored a 5 on the scout system. No one has ever scored a 5. That's how good this guy was, naturally. It would have been nice to see, what he could have done with his god-given ability. But, he wasn't satisfied. Had to get an edge. Had to cross the line.

Now, the circus is in town and it's called A-Roid. Every ballpark he goes to, except the friendly confines of Yankee stadium, he is heckled, cursed at, booed and insulted. People hold signs displaying their hatred. If you like this guy, or not, you have to hand it to him. Could you imagine going to work and when you park your car in the parking lot and get out, you are met by thousands of people, booing you and cursing you? When he steps to the plate, he has 50,000 fans in unison, booing him. It must be hard. Or is it?

Alex brought all of this on himself. He cheated. While his digression is not in the same league as a wife beater or a murderer, to watch the reaction of the people, you might think so. I think the hatred stems from his smugness, his elitist attitude. He's fighting these charges to the end, claiming against all reports, his innocence.
His team mate was a cheater, he used PED's. But he owned up to it, and apologized. The fans are very forgiving. A-Rod hasn't learned that and he has a very tough road ahead filled with embarrassment and shame.


Denise at Autumn Sky said...

I have this to say about baseball.....the Giants are having a bad season. That is all :-)

Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

Guilty until proven guilty. His arrogance is only exceeded by his ego. $2M/game helps him compensate for the boos.

Jerral Miles said...

I've been wondering: Is A-Rod being allowed to take his 211 suspensions from a little league team in Anchorage? Oh, yeah. I remember now. "Innocent" until... proven the season is over.

Karen said...

LOL... well, I don't like the smug attitude, but he is far from the first to take this road. Does he deserve all this hate? I don't agree with you on that part.

I think there should be two leagues.. the NATURALS... and the ROIDED. The end.

YOU choose which league you want to follow. I'm betting the roided athletes would get more attention.

Just sayin.

Joey said...

I feel absolutely nothing for A-roid. And THAT is a good thing. As a life long rabid Yankee fan - I NEVER felt anything for him. Odd, but true. Woman fell all over him. Guys? I guess they LOVED his potential. I don't know. He was always a nothing to me. Now Jeter? Petit? Mariano? Posada? Can you say heart heart heart heart?

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