Sunday, March 7, 2010

I've was taken out of my comfort zone the other day when I was told I had to go on a different boat. When I asked why and heard the answer, I came to the conclusion that the employee recruiting officer of our company needs to rethink some of his decisions.

It turns out this boat was very possibly going to be heading North to deliver a load of fuel to Canada. So what's the problem you might ask. I did!

The problem seems to be that our neighbors to the North don't think to kindly about American citizens, who have been convicted of a federal crime, entering their snow covered shores.
Can you blame them?

It turns out, the engineer who normally works on this tug, was a bad bad boy at some time in his life, and Canada has passed the word that he won't be welcomed if he were to show up. So, to solve this problem, they placed me and my squeaky clean record on board, and placed him on my regular boat that was headed to Boston. It seems Boston welcomes convicted criminals with open arms.

Some questions race immediately to my mind.
If your company is a transportation company, which ours is, and you routinely go to far away lands, which we do, why would you hire people that are restricted in where they can go?
Is it just me, or is someone missing the boat?

The funny thing is, this trip to Canada was supposed to happen 4 days ago and as of now, we are headed to New Jersey. The Canada trip never happened, yet.
I want my ex con to come back so I can return to my home away from home.
I hear New Jersey loves ex cons.


Marilyn said...

I hope you can return home soon. Good question you ask.

Frau said...

That is crazy I hope you get back to your regular boat, but coming from a Jersey girl it's not that bad!

slommler said...

Well that sucks!! Hope you get back to your "home" real soon!

beth said... sound so calm and all the while I was thinking this has to have really pissed you ?

you must be going crazy....?!?!

Vicky said...

I have been missing out in not following you here... clearly this is where the drama ensues! How frustrating... you must feel like a pawn at the mercy of the ship company! Hopefully you'll be restored to your boat soon!

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Yep now it's official, some American's are weird. ;-)) Hope you will do fine when you're placed on that shift. And for now I hope you'll be heading home soon.
Hugs Dagmar