Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ok, I admit it. I'm an addict. There, I said it.
They were right, I feel better already.
It feels GREAT saying it.
And let me tell ya, I have no plans to stop using anytime soon.

When I went on THAT OTHER BOAT last week, I was astonished at the preparedness of their pantry, or lack there of.
I walked in to check out their coffee selection and was wide eyed.
On the shelf were 2 cans of Maxwell House coffee. That was it.
My eyes surveyed the surrounding shelves quickly, like a Cat burglar scanning someones dressers.
Not noticing any creamer, I ran to the fridge and what did I see?
You've got to be kidding me, I thought.
Being the new guy I figured I must be missing something, so I asked the deckhand, "Where do you keep your coffee?"
Unfortunately for me he pointed to the barren shelf with 2 lonely sad cans of Maxwell House.
"That's it?" He confirmed my worst fears.

I said to him, "Dude, you guys on here use coffee as something to swig down your throat in the morning to wake up. On my boat, we treat coffee as a CELEBRATION!"
I think he thought I was kidding.
I wasn't.

If you are allergic to coffee and just walk into our pantry, you might brake out in hives, we have so much coffee.
We hold conversations, lengthy ones, about what flavor or roast we will be enjoying next.
Wine tasting conversations have nothing on us. We can speak of the pleasures of Double Chocolate Mocha for hours.
It might be the Brooklyn Java or the Irish Cream, depending on our mood.
Do you feel like a nice vanilla bean or a Southern Pecan?
You've come to the right boat.
Open our refrigerator and it is well stocked with Hazelnut and Vanilla creamer.
No milk in our coffee.
The days of seaman pouring a cup of steaming black coffee and chugging it down straight, are long gone.
We are not savages here!
Uh oh. It's time for the watch change, I better put on a pot of coffee for the mate.
I think we'll go with the Southern Pecan.
Just because I can.


Frau said...

Oh! My I hope you never have to go there again it's gonna be like rehab! Hope you are having Irish cream today!

Marilyn said...

I love that you use coffee as a Celebration. I do that with my tea. We need those small Celebrations every day. I hope the other boat will learn to Celebrate more with whatever they chose to Celebrate with.

beth said...

too funny...but this is exactly how i am with tea !

and like your coffee.... my tea has to have french vanilla creamer in it or i really don't want to drink it....

I like being a tea snob...really, i do :)

Vicky said...

Ahhhh... I knew I liked you for a good solid reason! I grind my own beans fresh every morning. Coffee is more than a drink, its a lifestyle and you are speaking my language. Maxwell House would not fly in my house... but a French roast or Columbian bean or vanilla caramel anything and you are speaking my language.

Anonymous said...

Coffee is the best. There's a new Rwandan coffee house in DC I'll have to take you to next time you're here!

Love you!

Jerral Miles said...

Try Costco's Rwandan Coffee, whole beans... You'll like it and the price is right. If you ever go back on the boat with only two cans of Maxwell House, you'll be a hero for sure if you take some of the Rwandan coffee.

dcpeg said...

Do y'all make funny faces,while you "shush" in your coffee, like the pros do? You sorta pucker your lips once you have some in your mouth,slosh it around and breathe -- all at the same time!

Just teasing. I'm a coffee fanatic, too and will drink it at any temperature except scalding hot, which it never should be. Iced coffee with vanilla creamer and some sugar is to die for!!

Gonna have to look for that new Rwandan coffee shop, too!

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Oh Mark when can I come visit your boat and have a real good coffee with you all.....all those flavors...can't wait to dive in to them.

Hope you'll survive this trip.

clairedulalune said...

Mark, it is offical. Big fella has just read this post over my shoulder and has proclaimed he wants to go live with you and the guys on the boat. My coffee making obviously is no good! He will be there in about three days, he is packing now! ;)