Thursday, April 1, 2010

I feel the power

It seems Katie Couric, the respected quarterback of the CBS Evening news reads my Blog.
Maureen Dowd, the Washington D.C. based columnist for the New York Times must also start her day checking on my latest rantings. Did I mention she won a Pulitzer Prize?

I know these facts to be true because a few days ago I wrote about the endless accusations against many priests, from many countries, in the Catholic Church, and voiced my concern that nobody seems to really care.

I stand corrected.
The very next day, a story of this scandal appeared on the CBS Evening News.
The day after that, The Philadelphia Inquirer ran a similar story. Granted, it was buried on page 18, but at least that was something.
Yesterday, Maureen Dowd wrote a column in the New York Times, basically echoing my thoughts on this disturbing subject.
Did I mention she has won a Pulitzer Prize.

I'd like to thank all 3 news reporters mentioned above for following my blog.
I would like to think that someday, they will throw this blog a mention, in their stories, since they seem to get a lot of their ideas from reading Marks Rants and Raves.

Just a side note to my niece, whose name I won't mention because she has an aversion to all things Internet but her name rhymes with TABBY, who graciously mentioned to me early in my blog career when I had 5 followers, "Uncle Mark, if you would work on your spelling and grammar you might find yourself with more than 5 followers."

To that I say, thank you to the people from 35 different countries who have visited my blog 2,512 times, and of course, special thanks to the Philadelphia Inquire, world renown Katie Couric, and the Pulitzer Prize winning Maureen Dowd for FOLLOWING.


slommler said...

Well how about that!!??!! One never knows what far reaching influence one can have in this world. I bow to your wisdom and your new celebrity status.
And for the record...I care a great deal!!

beth said...

are you serious ?
really....katie couric knows who you are ?

let me just step back a little so I have room to bow to you !.......and now can I just call you king mark ?

dcpeg said...

Enjoy the dream while it lasts, Mark! ;-)

Alison said...

Oh, I knew you before SHE did! Lol! Anyway, it's good that someone seems to be concerned about the abuse cases. But I get the feeling that there is still much to be uncovered, and so much is being hushed up....

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Hey there Mark. Gladd you got to that toppic. It's been going on for so many years and nobody does anything about it.
So good that it's out in the open.

And now....don't hit me over the head with it please...who's Katie Couric???? Okay Okay i'll look her up at the internet. Sorry for not being a world wide 'knower'. :-)

Oh and the other thing was I was looking her up at your followers page....and saw that I wasn't even on it...I'd fixed it right away Mark. Sorry for being late with that one...because I love to follow you spelling mistakes and all....ha (I'll just join you there okay buddy, since my spelling in English isn't that well eighter, I'm a much better talker because then you can't hear or tell I'm spelling it wrong).

Okay this is gonna be a long one so I'll better cut if off right now before you'll fall asleep.
Happy Easter my friend.
Hugs Dagmar

Marilyn said...

Oh I wish I had followers like that. Lucky you! Yes, it is fun to dream!

clairedulalune said...

My goodness Mark, you are held in high esteem! About time too! Hope you and all the family are well!