Saturday, April 24, 2010


I over heard a comment someone made today, they said "so and so is the type of person who Google's himself."
I'm not sure what that means, but I immediately googled myself.
I usually use google as a tool, like one might use the library.
Google is a wealth of information and I take having it available 24/7 seriously.
For instance, have you ever Googled "Fainting Goats"?
Do youself a favor.

This got me to thinking. What if you were offered 2 choices.
1) You could stay the same old you and continue with your life as is or,
2)you could Google yourself and take over as the person who shows up 1st in the search results of your name.
You have to make up your mind, 1 or 2, BEFORE you Google yourself.
Maybe you're a billionaire on Google.
Maybe you're a successful landholder in Scotland.
Maybe you're a veterinarian in Iowa.
The question is,
Would you trade up?

For the sake of argument, I pretended that I and my siblings chose choice #2. Then we Googled ourselves.
Here's who we are now.

I turned out to be a star cross country athlete in Western New York State in the 1070's. I was actually voted into the Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame. Interesting. No wonder my knees hurt.

My older sister Molly...was just born on Feb. 23, 2009. Talk about your do-overs!

My older brother (who I shall call Bob) is a district sales rep for Canon. That's not much of a change for Bob. He'll be spending the day in the car, traveling from client to client.
He does that now.

My younger brother Pat, damn, this was a tough one. Turns out Pat was a Catholic Belfast Solicitor and was killed in 1989. It gets worse. He was shot 14 times while eating dinner with his family.

Never mind.


Janney said...

haha! I've googled myself before and I'm such a nerd that the first person who comes up actually IS me. And then my name is in some famous painting in the 1800s...

slommler said...

Well for fun I Googled myself and found "me"! LOL! All about my art and my blog page, etc. etc.! There is no other me on Google. How about that?!

beth said...

you crack me up....
i'll google myself later tonight for entertainment....but if the first one that comes up is actually me....well, i'll be in bed early due to the boredom of it all :)

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Wow I'm too chicken to do that. What if it's my name that comes up first...ever think of that one?

Hahaha. Well I might do try this tomorrow.
Have a happy sunday and take care of those running knees Mark. ;-0

Vicky said...

Ha! My kids googled me once... apparently I am a coffeehouse owner and coffee guru in Florida I think... and my kids were totally ticked about the fact I had withheld this secret life from them! She does sound rather interesting... maybe I'll friend her on facebook just to find out? *wink*

Alison said...

I've Googled myself before - I confess. But I'll tell you a funny story. Once there was an article about me in the local paper. I emailed an elderly friend overseas and told her about it and suggested that she googled my name and the article would come up. Well, she left it a bit long and obviously the newspaper had removed it. She replied and said, "Oh Alison, I couldn't find the article, but I was so interested to read that you had won the New Plymouth marathon in 1984!" I fell about laughing! I love that story, and interestingly enough just a year or two ago I met my namesake, the runner!

Diahn said...

That's great! Unfortunately, I'm the only me on google - but I'll have to try the rest of my family, just for fun!

Megan said...

Yikes about Uncle Pat!

Look what it said about "me" (under my married name) "lives in NYC and is a professional in the mediums of Musical Theatre, Commercial/Film work, Jazz /Blues vocals with live combos as well as..."


Rants and Raves...Peace and Praise said...

I actually have googled "fainting goats"...great stuff. I have never googled myself...I may get brave and try it sometime.