Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's his fault.

Let the blame game begin.
It was only a matter of time.

As I write this oil is still gushing from an opening in the ocean floor
in the Gulf of Mexico.
The only video BP will release to the public shows robotic arms
trying to repair the damage 5000 feet below the surface.
The cloud like image in the background of that video is the 200,000 gals of crude oil
a day that is damaging the environment and ruining countless lives.
CNN asks BP to release more video every day.
They continue to say we'll look into it.

Heaven forbid the public knows, or better yet,
sees the damage that is taking place, day after day.
Out of sight out of mind is BP's plan right now.
I worked on a oil spill boat for a short time a few years ago.
I responded to 1 spill that took place at a loading dock.
10,000 gals of oil hit the water.
The sight of it was mind boggling and sickening.
Only 10,000 gals.
That much has poured into the warm Gulf waters,
since I started writing this post.

While the oil spills in the Gulf,
the fingers point in Washington DC.
We have 3 key players who are all figuring out
how to place blame on the other 2.

They've been called to the principals office
like school boys caught smoking in the bath room.
They sat today in front of 2 Senate committees

BP owns the well.
Halliburton owns the oil rig, now a charred hunk of metal that
sits in the mud on the ocean floor.
Trans Ocean is a contractor that was hired during the drilling.

All 3 party's have donated millions to the campaigns
of the very people grilling them on what the heck happened.
Think about that for a moment.

Meanwhile, the oil gushes.......
and I've heard more concern for the fish and the birds
than for the 11 oil rig workers who still are not accounted for.


Melinda Owens said...

Wow...what to say. I've thought of you often during this catastrophe. We hear about it on the news, it affects the very state that I call home, it affects us all. But the open seas, that's your world, on a daily basis. It has to be more real to you than all of us, those are your highways. But unfortunately, I don't have much faith in the "powers that be" that they'll shut the hell up and start trying to fix what they messed up anytime soon. At this point, like you said, it's all about blame instead of working together trying to find solutions.

slommler said...

As I think upon this, my stomach twists into a knot. There is not a thing I can do and it appears that they can't either. They talk and point fingers and the oil continues to gush. When all of this finally hits shore...yuk!! This is such a catastrophe!! Thank you for posting a reminder of how serious this is.